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SciChart is led by Dr. Andrew Burnett-Thompson, our founder and managing director. Founded on the principles of technical excellence, outstanding customer service, efficiency and integrity, we empower our customers to change lives. We hire solely from STEM fields and all of our staff are trained scientists, engineers or data scientists. SciChart aims to power innovation in every sector by bringing high-performance visualisation across platforms – whether it’s to help scientists diagnose tumours earlier or put men back on the moon.

We offer our customers the competitive advantage, and the opportunities that come with that, by unlocking insights that would otherwise not have been possible.

We allow people to see further, see faster, and see without compromise.

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Why Work With SciChart

Join An Award Winning Team

At SciChart, we pride ourselves on creating excellent technology. Our software has won awards, including the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise, highly commended in the Lloyds National Business Awards as well as other minor awards. Our software is crafted with excellence and you’ll be joining a highly skilled, winning team: an excellent CV builder.

Work Remotely with Flexibility

At SciChart, we’re 100% remote. We’ve never had an office, so we’re experienced in managing and working with remote teams. We don’t care if you’re in the Bahamas, or London, as long as you get the work done. Work remotely, and flexibly at a company that grants you freedom to learn and develop in a creative environment with lots of different technologies

Make a Difference

SciChart software is used around the world in cutting-edge projects. Our software makes a difference, not just for profit, but we are the data-visualisation behind Epilepsy ResearchCancer Research, and even F1 Race analysis. SciChart is committed to supporting charities and operates as an ethical for-profit enterprise. When working with us you’ll be making a difference in cutting-edge projects and research worldwide

Current Vacancies


Senior SciChart.js JavaScript & TypeScript Developer

Skills: TypeScript, React, JavaScript, npm
Location: Remote Work (Timezone UTC +4 to UTC-5)
Date posted: 7th June 2022

We are seeking a Senior Typescript/React developer to join our JavaScript team. A strong JavaScript background with a desire to move to TypeScript is welcome, or a developer with existing TypeScript experience.

Duties will include working with our team to develop the SciChart.js chart library in TypeScript, building JS Chart Examples and also working closely with clients on complex projects involving React, TypeScript and SciChart.js.

If you have previous experience of SciChart (on any platform) this would be a plus. Our charts are developed in TypeScript but also C++ which we compile to WebAssembly. A willingness to work with this exciting technology would be a plus.

Expected skills:

  • 7+ years of experience in software development with very strong JavaScript or TypeScript & React skills;
  • Willingness to work directly with clients on React/TypeScript dashboard projects involving SciChart.js
  • Fluent written and spoken English
  • good communication skills and teamwork;

Desired (nice to have) skills:

  • Any previous graphics programming in JavaScript
  • C-like language experience
  • Any experience with OpenGL or WebGL graphics, GIS, game development or performance optimisation
  • Previous experience using SciChart libraries

Contact [email protected] to submit your CV


Intermediate C++ / 3D Engine Developer

Skills: C++, OpenGL or DirectX
Location: Remote (Timezone UTC+2)
Date posted: 15th July 2022

We are seeking another C++ developer to join our team 3D Engine team developing the underlying graphics engine which powers SciChart on Windows, iOS/Android and JavaScript.

We’ve built our own shader and asset compilation to write shaders once in HLSL and target any platform. A similar compilation step is performed for other assets (meshes, textures). We’ve also built a C++ core for data visualisation which is shared across platform.

Your duties will include developing the C++ 2D/3D engine which is used in SciChart. This engine targets macOS / iOS (Metal), Android (OpenGLES), Windows (DirectX), Linux (OpenGL/Vulkan) and WebAssembly (WebGL). It allows 3D visualisation of data, 2D drawing functions including Lines, Shape drawing, Text and 3D CAD object visualisation. In addition, helping us progress toward a C++ core version of SciChart for charting on Linux and other platforms.

You will be working with senior engineers from the gaming / graphics industry and will be able to learn a lot from them!


Expected skills:

  • C++ Software Development Experience with minimum C++ 11.
  • Shader development experience e.g. HLSL/GLSL.
  • Fluent or Upper Intermediate English
  • Attention to detail , a desire to work in a team and learn from us!

Desired (nice to have) skills::

  • Background in games, 3D Visualization or CAD is helpful
  • Any experience with Unreal Engine UE4 or similar is helpful
  • Any experience with WebGL or WebAssembly is helpful

Contact [email protected] to submit your CV

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