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A letter from the CEO: SciChart Needs You!


A letter from the CEO: SciChart Needs You!

We’re planning some pretty huge changes to SciChart in the next couple of months and I need to personally call on you, our customers, to help us.


I’ve known for some time that there is literally a huge wealth of knowledge, time, investment, workarounds and pure genius in the applications that you have built with SciChart. Much of it we simply don’t know about! Also, our customers and new sales prospects don’t know about it either.

I’ve personally seen some of your work and some of it is stunning. I don’t share work unless I have permission as I respect your confidence. However, it’s time to call on you and hopefully call on some of that good-will we’ve built up in our user-base to get some feedback about what you’ve done with SciChart. By helping us out, you can help us to make SciChart become the best graphics & visualisation component in the world.

We need you! We need your feedback to make the SciChart experience better for everyone. If you could take some time to help us it would be greatly appreciated

– Andrew / CEO of ABT Software and SciChart Tech Lead (and son)

So if you have time to help us out, here are the sorts of things we’re looking for. There are some incentives below so don’t close the browser just yet!


We already have a bank of testimonials but many of them are a year or two old. If you love what we do, please give us a sound byte that we can quote on our website.

Extra credit! If you can give us a picture too (e.g. from your linked in profile or twitter profile) it helps build user trust. We want to have testimonials looking like this. We can (optionally) link to your Linked-In, Twitter account or company page.

We would like our testimonials to be short, snappy and with a picture + company name if possible!
We would like our testimonials to be short, snappy and with a picture + company name if possible!

Screenshots for our Showcase Gallery / Case Studies

Guess what, in three and a half years of building SciChart we only have one published customer case study which is a real shame, as I have personally seen such amazing examples from some of you.


If you can give us a screenshot of your application, with or without what it is and who you are, we would greatly appreciate it. Make sure you get permission to share it. 

If you want to do a full-blown case study to showcase what you’ve built with SciChart and get it published on our site, then please contact-us.


We literally have 100 blue-chip or easily recognisable companies using SciChart and over 2,000 licenses sold worldwide, and goodness knows how many end-users, but we can’t put  logos on our homepage without permission (what a drag!).


Please please please, if you can, give us permission to use your company logo. If you’re {Big Bank / Big Pharma / Big Scientific} *cough* then you are going to be more valuable to us than smaller companies but anyone is welcome here.

Logos help to build trust and new customers that see hundreds of logos on the SciChart homepage are going to spend less time considering whether SciChart is the right choice for them. That means we have more revenue to invest and more to support you guys! Our success, is your success.

Your workarounds / genius hacks

You know we saw one {big Process Management company} take SciChart Annotations and create a scheduling control out of it?

We saw a {big Gaming company} take our DirectX-accelerated RenderSurface API and use it in creating tools for real-time node-based graphs and diagrams?

We’ve even see a {big Oil & Gas company} take our charts and produce something unrecognisably complex using multiple vertical charts and then print it out of a plotter.

The sorts of things you achieve with SciChart are way beyond what we can achieve with our limited examples and show-case just how powerful and flexible the toolkit is.


We realise that many of you are busy (well, you should be…) and many of you will need to seek permission from managers, even higher levels of corporate to get permission to share any information. We also realise this is going to take you time. So how about some incentives?

  • Are you up for renewal soon? How about a discount off renewal? Or, an extension to your support-expiry date for free?
  • Are you a SciChart WPF Pro customer? How about a discounted upgrade to Source-code?
  • Do you need to add new licenses to your team? How about a discount off those?
  • Or, you could just do it for the love 🙂

Call us to negotiate what it will cost you in terms of your time to prepare this information and we can negotiate a discount or store credit to compensate you. Be fair, and so will we!

Guys, finally, our success is your success. It is my dream to transform SciChart way beyond just a chart control, and as you continue to invest in us, so we will continue to invest in you.

Have a good day and thanks for your time! Please contact me if you want to help. My email is andrew [at] abtsoftware [dot] co [dot] uk.

Best regards,


By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Oct 14, 2015
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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