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It’s hard to believe, but this month in March 2019, SciChart WPF is 7 years old!

Version 1.0 of SciChart WPF was coded in a spare room, first released in March 2012, and was the first WPF Chart control in the world to incorporate fast, immediate-mode drawing (bitmaps) into XAML based WPF Chart controls. This literally changed the market & made previously impossible projects become possible, because at the time existing WPF charts were not able to draw large datasets, or update fast or in realtime.

A performance comparison published in 2012 by Scott Logic showed how far SciChart and one other competitor at the time (Visiblox, now discontinued) outpaced the market in terms of chart performance: both competing for the title of ‘fastest WPF Chart’ with high drawing speed and efficient memory usage.

Fast forward to 2019, SciChart is now a feature-rich, XAML/MVVM capable WPF Chart control, capable of drawing many millions of points in realtime, with dynamically updating charts, and used by thousands of developers worldwide.

Our users consistently rate us 5-stars and report that they believe we provide the Best WPF Chart control on the market.

So, for our seventh anniversary we would love to share with you: reasons why SciChart makes the Best WPF Charts.

Please read more at the article below!

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Finally, a huge thank you to our customers for making SciChart what it is today! We wouldn’t have done it without your feedback, trust in our company and support.

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]

Andrew Burnett-Thompson
Andrew Burnett-Thompson
CEO / Founder of SciChart & SciTrader. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.

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