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SciChart WPF v4 / SciChart WPF 3D BETA

SciChart WPF v4 / SciChart WPF 3D BETA

Many people are eagerly anticipating the SciChart WPF v4 / SciChart WPF 3D BETA which we announced a month ago in the press release SciChart v4 SDK / SciChart 3D WPF Chart Coming Soon.


We are pleased to announce we now have a pre-release MSI Installer for the SciChart v4 SDK. This includes the following:

  1. SciChart v4 SDK Libraries:
    • SciChart.Core.dll
    • SciChart.Data.dll
    • SciChart.Drawing.dll
    • SciChart.Chart.dll
    • SciChart.Charting3D.dll (Required for 3D Charts)
    • SciChart.Drawing.DirectX.dll (Required for the DirectX Renderer in 2D Charts)
  2. SciChart v4 SDK Examples Suite
  3. SciChart v4 Licensing Wizard
  4. API Documentation (CHM File) for all classes/interfaces in the SciChart SDK
  5. SciChart UpdaterTool – a Visual Studio addin to assist updating your projects from v3.x of SciChart to v4.x.
  6. Pre-requisites, including Visual C++ Runtime (for 3D), DirectX Redistributable (for 2D DirectX)

What’s New in SciChart v4

Well, this is a long list, so let’s try to keep it short & sweet!

#1 PointMetadata API

Tag data-points with any metadata class, route through to Tooltips, PaletteProvider, Hit-Test and more.

#2 Tooltips API

Improved API for setting DataTemplates for Rollover, Tooltip, Cursor and Vertical Slice Modifiers where custom tooltips are required via an intuitive Attached Property API. No more need for template selectors and complex templates to achieve custom tooltips.

#3 Data-point Selection API

DatapointSelectionModifier now natively supports click to select and CTRL click to multi-select data-points. Programmatic selection available via PointMetadata.IsSelected.


SeriesBinding Markup Extension for MVVM Applications, which allows binding to a collection of pure ViewModels (no more RenderableSeries in ViewModels as per SeriesSource, which is now obsolete).

#5 Composite Annotations API

Nested, composite Annotations API allows creation of complex annotations such as measuring peak-to-peak, cycle duration, and financial annotations such as Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Extensions etc…

#6 ChartModifier API

Improvements to ChartModifierBase API, allowing handling of keyboard shortcuts and KeyDown/KeyUp events in ChartModifiers.

#7 Undo/Redo Zoom

ZoomHistoryManager allows programmatic Undo/Redo of zoom or pan for all SciChart Modifiers.

#8 Export to Vector (Enterprise Edition only)

XamlRenderSurface implementation which allows export to vector / printing at extremely high quality and with scalable vector output.

XamlRenderSurface is available in certain editions of SciChart only: SciChart WPF Enterprise, SciChart WPF SDK Professional and SciChart WPF SDK Enterprise. The BETA comes with a 30-day trial for all product tiers. 

#9 Performance Improvements

SciChart v4 is faster than ever, thanks to various caching and memory usage improvements. All DataSeries now cache resample results and only resample when data or viewport size has changed. Memory is re-used (as opposed to recreated) during resampling/draw for lower GC load. Removed boxing/unboxing in various places. Memory is re-used when clearing / re-filling series for lower GC load. All PointMarkers perform lossless clustering by default. DirectX PointMarker performance increased 40x!!

#10 Styles, Themes

New Theme: SciChartv4Dark. New styling for cursor, tooltip labels, axis labels and legends. Gratuitous use of dropshadows and #222 grays for a modern look throughout.

#11 3D Charts!

8 new 3D Chart Types including Bubble, Scatter, Point-Cloud, Impulse, Column, Surface Mesh, Point-Line. Hardware accelerated, real-time 3D Charts with backgward compatibility to DirectX 9c. Point-Selection, Tooltips and Dynamic camera out of the box.

3D Charts are available in new editions of SciChart: SciChart 3D Professional, SciChart SDK Professional and SciChart SDK Enterprise. The BETA comes with a 30-day trial for all product tiers. 

#12 New Examples Suite

New updated SciChart Examples Suite with 100+ examples. Cool new theme and modern style in a reactive WPF UI. Features Example Export to Visual Studio, or search title/description/source-code. Send feedback from the examples suite. Trial license *never expires* for the Examples Suite (your own applications will expire). Loads of new examples. Much awesomeness, very SciChart.

#13 Documentation

Comprehensive, 300+ page documentation for SciChart 2D. All API topics are now full documented with code samples. Never again wonder how we did that. SciChart 3D Docs a work in progress.

#14 Utils: SciChart.UpdaterTool

SciChart Updater tool to help migrate a project from v3.x to v4.x is included in the SciChart MSI Installer. Upgrade instructions included in the documentation.

Wait, you promised us Documentation?

Yes, yes, we did. It’s a work in progress, to document this control is truly huge, but below you can find out newly published docs. We are continuing to update this and it will ship either with the installer, or be transcribed online.

You can also view the API docs (class hierachy, method and type comments) online here.

Pricing & Licensing

Tldr: Pricing and licensing of SciChart 2D Will not change. SciChart 3D will be a new product.

If you are a SciChart WPF Basic, SciChart WPF Professional or SciChart Source-Code customer and your support has not expired on release, then you will be able to use the new SciChart v4 2D  free of charge. Hurray! 

Pricing of SciChart 2D/3D will then be as follows:

  • SciChart 2D WPF Basic. Product is discontinued, but existing Basic customers will be able to continue to use SciChart v4 WPF, with option to upgrade to Pro at renewal time.
  • SciChart 2D WPF Professional: $899  (No change to product pricing. Existing customers will be able to use SciChart v4 WPF).
  • SciChart 2D Source Code: $1499 (No Change to product pricing. Existing customers will be able to use SciChart v4 WPF).
  • SciChart 3D Professional: $999 less 30%* = $699.30 When purchased with early-bird discount
  • SciChart 2D+3D Professional: $1749 less 30%* = $1224.30 When purchased with early-bird discount
  • SciChart 2D+3D Source Code: $2549 less 30%* = $1784.30 When purchased with early-bird discount

*Early-bird discount is available NOW to new customers as well existing customers of SciChart to upgrade to a 3D product for a limited period of time. 

Upgrade pricing is also available for existing customers of SciChart WPF.

You can purchase now by getting in touch with sales, and quite soon, our web-store will be updated allowing purchasing of all new product tiers online.

Where to Get It

The MSI Installer is available from It is strongly recommended to use the MSI Installer to get access to the Examples Suite and Updater Tool.

The NuGet packages are available for a limited time over at before being moved to our main NuGet feed. Packages include ‘SciChart’, ‘SciChart3D’ and ‘SciChart.DirectX’ for DirectX 2D chart plugin

The 2D Charts source-code is already deployed to GitHub. If you are a source-code customer of SciChart 2D, you can access the v4 Prerelease source already! To link your SciChart account to Github and get access to our source code nightly build, visit the Profile page.

The 3D Charts Source-code will be limited to customers of SciChart 3D Products and is also deployed to a Github repository.


By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Jan 13, 2016
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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