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SciChart v4 SDK / SciChart 3D WPF Chart Coming Soon

SciChart v4 SDK / SciChart 3D WPF Chart Coming Soon

Very shortly we will be releasing a major update to SciChart’s Legendary WPF Charts: SciChart WPF v4 and SciChart WPF 3D Chart.

All customers with active support subscriptions will be upgraded to SciChart v4 for free. SciChart 3D will be a separate product and will be discounted to existing customers of SciChart 2D.

If you are a SciChart Source-code customer, you will start to see us pushing to a pre-release branch in the Github repository. This code is highly in flux and we don’t recommend upgrading just yet, but if you want to have a poke around, feel free!

SciChart WPF v4 Coming Soon

Our best-in-class WPF Charts just got better! SciChart v4 will have a revamped API and many new features:

  • True MVVM API for all aspects of the SciChart Charting library
  • Pointmetadata API to tag data-points with any business object
  • Point-selection API
  • Composite Annotations API and many complex annotations such as Fibonacci Retracement, Measurement annotations.
  • Zoom history (undo / redo zoom)
  • High quality XPS / Vector Export feature for 2D Charts
  • Improved styling for Tooltips, Chart Elements, Scrollbars
  • Allow keyboard input in ChartModifiers
  • New SciChartv4Dark Theme
  • Yet more performance enhancements. SciChart v4 WPF with DirectX will be the fastest in the world!
  • New examples app with improved search, export example to Visual Studio.
New Tooltip Styling and Examples Styling
Histogram Feature with Text on Columns
New Composite Annotations API

SciChart 3D Coming Soon

At the same time we will be releasing SciChart 3D: DirectX Powered WPF 3D Charts.

SciChart 3D will be a separate product to SciChart 2D, and will be licensed separately, or as a bundle with our legendary best-in-class 2D WPF Charts. SciChart’s WPF 3D Chart will feature:

  • Hardware Accelerated, DirectX powered 3D WPF Charts
  • 3D Chart Types including Uniform Surface Mesh, Bubble, Scatter, Point-Cloud, Column, Impulse (Stem) and Point Line 3D Chart Types.
  • Built for real-time and big-data with surfaces up to 16k x 16k, Point-Clouds up to 1M points.
  • Interactive, Templatable Tooltips.
  • Point Selection and Metadata.
  • Intuitive XAML / MVVM Friendly API following our existing patterns and practices for SciChart 2D.
  • Based on a rich 3D Engine to allow us to build rich 3D visualisation features in the future.
Realtime WPF 3D Surface Mesh Charts
Realtime WPF 3D Bubble Charts
Themes and Styling just like SciChart 2D

Documentation / Tools Coming Soon

What else? We will have the following documentation and tools coming very soon:

  • 300+ page documentation with online counterpart. Every feature and aspect of the SciChart v4 API will be documented.
  • Updater tool to assist migrating a Project or Solution from SciChart v3.x to SciChart v4.x.
  • New examples app with improved search, export example to Visual Studio features.
New Examples App Home
Rich Full-source Description and Title Search
Updater tool to assist migrating from v3.x to v4.x
Updater tool to assist migrating from v3.x to v4.x

Pricing and Licensing

Tldr: Pricing and licensing of SciChart 2D Will not change. SciChart 3D will be a new product.

If you are a SciChart WPF Basic, SciChart WPF Professional or SciChart Source-Code customer and your support has not expired on release, then you will be able to get the new SciChart v4 2D  free of charge. Hurray! 

Pricing of SciChart 2D/3D will then be as follows:

  • SciChart 2D WPF Professional: $899  (No change)
  • SciChart 2D Source Code: $1499 (No Change)
  • SciChart 3D Professional: $999 less 30% = $699.30 When purchased with early-bird discount
  • SciChart 2D+3D Professional: $1749 less 30% = $1224.30 When purchased with early-bird discount
  • SciChart 2D+3D Source Code: $2549 less 30% = $1784.30 When purchased with early-bird discount

*Early-bird discount will be available to new customers as well existing customers of SciChart to upgrade to a 3D product for a limited period of time after the release of SciChart 3D.

How Long?!!

Soon! Soon! Believe me, no-one is more incentivised to release than us 🙂

We intend to get a BETA out possibly within a month and to release soon after. Register your interest for BETA by contacting support!

Remember, if you are a customer to SciChart WPF you will automatically be upgraded to SciChart v4 so long as you have an active support subscription. If you are an existing customer you will get access to early bird discounts for SciChart 3D also.


Best regards,
[SciChart Team]

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Nov 23, 2015
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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