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Coming Soon to SciChart Q3/Q4 2018

Coming Soon to SciChart Q3/Q4 2018

We’ve been quietly working away on a few projects for the past few months and wanted to give you an update to show you where SciChart will be going in the near future.

What’s Coming Soon to SciChart WPF?

SciChart WPF remains our flagship product and drives a lot of development, alongside tech support & maintenance (we have answered 692 support tickets for SciChart WPF and released 166 Nightly builds in the past year alone). We are still developing this product adding new features as our userbase requests and also features that are in strong demand.

Some of these are nearly ready for release and are listed below.

WPF New Chart Type: Free Surface Mesh 3D

A new Free Surface Mesh 3D feature will be presented in the upcoming release which will be SciChart WPF v5.2 (Q3 2018).

Free Surface Mesh 3D is a set of 3D charts that plot a surface mesh in 3D space. This chart type allows plotting closed objects in 3D that are not restricted by data laying down in the XZ plane. The charts can render different types of data including ellipsoid, cylinder, polar and even custom free surface mesh data in 3D. Please see the preview of the examples below:

Free Surface Mesh 3D with custom data
Free Surface Mesh 3D with cylinder data
Free Surface Mesh 3D with polar data
Free Surface Mesh 3D with ellipsoid data
WPF New Feature: WPF Polar chart 3D

One of the chart types listed above is a 3D Polar Chart type, which allows for a flat disk with optional hole in the center defined by an equation and 2D array of data, contours, and paletted similar to a heatmap or surface-mesh chart. This chart type can be used in 3D mode or when an orthogonal overhead camera is presented, as a 2D Chart.

All new 3D Chart types will be made available to all customers of SciChart WPF SDK Professional, SDK Enterprise and 3D Professional who are in support subscription, free of charge. 

WPF New Feature: Drawing tools and Technical Indicators for trading applications

SciChart is widely used in trading and financial applications by our customers. Since a number of customers approached us to ask for these tools to be built, we have decided to make a step forward with a set of drawing tools for different patterns in trading.

The next release is expecting to bring a number of new annotation types to be used in trading systems, including:

  • Elliott Wave pattern
  • XABCD (Gartley / Bat / Harmonic polygon shapes) drawing
  • Head and Shoulders Pattern
  • Andrew’s Pitch Fork
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Fibonacci Extension
  • Also, we will be adding free brush style drawing to mark up the chart.

All of the following can be created programmatically, on user click, edited & dragged about, styled and persisted.

Please see some examples below:

Elliott Wave Pattern, Trading Tools
XABCD Pattern, Trading Tools
Head and Shoulders Pattern, Trading tools
Pitch Fork Pattern, Trading Tools
Fibonacci Retracement Trading Tool
Fibonacci Retracement Extension Trading Tool
Free Brush Drawing, Trading Tools

All new drawing tools will be in the SciChart.DrawingTools.dll package and will be made available to all customers of SciChart WPF SDK Professional, SDK Enterprise and 2D Enterprise who are in support subscription, free of charge. These drawing tools will not be available to SciChart WPF 2D Professional customers. 

What’s next in SciChart iOS / Android / Xamarin?

SciChart iOS & Android has been moving along with some progress to support latest SDKs but behind the curtain we are working on our big vision of having 2D & 3D Charts available on all native platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android and with Xamarin & Xamarin Forms support.

Our next big piece of work is to bring 3D Charts to iOS & Android devices, which we have been working on quietly for the past year 🙂

Some screenshots below! Excuse the garish colours, we are actively developing these chart types, and bright colours help us see what is happening in the 3D Engine!

New Feature: iOS/Android 3D charts
iOS Android 3D Column Chart
Android 3D Column Chart Example
iOS Android 3D Mountain or Waterfall Chart
Android 3D Waterfall Chart Example
iOS Android 3D Scatter or Bubble Chart
iOS 3D Bubble Chart Example
iOS Android 3D Free Surface Chart
iOS 3D Free Surface Mesh Chart Example
iOS Android 3D Contoured Surface Mesh Chart
iOS 3D Height Map Chart Example
iOS Android 3D Pie Chart
iOS 3D Pie Chart Example

How does this work I hear you ask! Well, our 3D Charts on Windows are mainly reliant on a 3D Engine written in C++ which supports DirectX, OpenGL, OpenGLES. The 3D Engine will also support Metal in the future. So we are working to ensure that our 3D Chart Types are implemented cross-platform and the front-end Views are available for iOS & Android.

Expect some news on this later in the year, we don’t have an exact date, but it is coming.

Supporting: Xamarin Forms

Many of our customers have asked about Xamarin.Forms support for SciChart as well as UWP support.

We still don’t support UWP and are not currently working on it, however, with the news that Xamarin.Forms v3 now supports WPF as a target, we are interested again in looking at this technology including Xamarin.Forms.

We have begun feasibility into wrapping SciChart iOS, Android and WPF with Custom View Renderers so that they can be used in Xamarin.Forms. This code is available on Github and is currently open source. This is very early work so far and no delivery date yet, but promising results that SciChart can be used in Xamarin Forms with MVVM on desktop (WPF) as well as mobile.

We also have a project which we’re starting interally that will be cross-platform and yes we may well use Xamarin.Forms which will force us to develop this tech further.

SciChart Xamarin.Forms Prototype


If you have any questions about the any above or want to get in contact to give your feedback, please do! We love to hear from you!

Thanks and have a great day!

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]


By Julia Skorobogata | Jul 25, 2018
I contribute to the growth and development of SciChart, assisting my team with sales, marketing, and project management.

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