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Showcase of the Best React Charts and Graphs

Showcase of the Best React Charts and Graphs

React Charts are revolutionizing the way we visualize and interact with complex data. These charts are not just tools for displaying information; they are gateways to deeper insights and analytics. React’s robust framework, combined with advanced charting libraries, empowers developers to build intuitive and responsive dashboards that can handle the complexities of real-time analytics & data visualization.

Whether you’re monitoring financial markets, analyzing health data, or tracking sports statistics, React Charts bring data to life. Their versatility and performance cater to a broad spectrum of industries, enabling users to dissect and comprehend intricate datasets with ease. In this guide, we explore the best React Charts and Graphs that stand out in the realm of web development, demonstrating how they can transform dense data into captivating and informative visual narratives.

Join us as we explore the realm of React Charts. Here, every graph and chart is more than just a visual representation; it’s an essential tool for insightful data analysis, unlocking the full potential of your datasets in clear and compelling ways.

Explore our Advanced React Charts & Graphs Examples for Various Applications

Realtime Updates in React Charts

React Charts can be used to display data in dashboards, analytics applications and more. However some applications require real-time updates and high performance to ensure data which is dynamically changing can be visualized fast.

Real-time React Chart Performance Demo

Demonstrates appending millions of points to a react line chart. Dynamic data updates previously have been a performance problem in React applications but with this demo 300k points per second are added to the chart. Millions of datapoints can be rendered in React Charts with scichart.js without performance problems!

Realtime React Chart Performance Demo

Showcases a Realtime React Chart performance demo, plotting millions of points in a React graph. Three series are added to a React Chart, then data is dynamically updated at over 100,000 points per second. The demo stops at 10,000,000 (ten million) showcasing the incredible rendering speed of the chart … Continue reading Realtime React Chart Performance Demo

React Big-Data Dashboard demo

Dashboards with tens, hundreds of charts and millions of datapoints were previously impossible in React. In this performance demo we show how you can have 64-charts all updating at once, with millions of points streaming dynamically in real-time.

React Dashboard Big-Data Performance Demo

A performance demo showcasing 64 React Charts in a single dashboard. All the charts are dynamically updated in real-time with a total of 1 million data-points being rendered and streamed … Continue reading React Dashboard Big-Data Performance Demo

React Financial Charts

Financial charts in react could include stock charts, price charts, trading charts with technical indicators. Charts for React Trading applications need to be highly interactive, show cursors, legends and tooltips, allow zooming and panning, as well as updating data in real-time.

Some examples are included below.

React Stock Chart with Technical Indicators

In this demo we show how to create a React Stock Chart with technical indicators. MACD and RSI indicator are added onto separate chart panes. Moving averages are added onto the main pane. There is an active legend and crosshair which tracks the mouse. The entire example can be zoomed or panned via touch or mouse interactions.

React Multi-Pane Stock Charts Example

Learn how to create React Financial Charts with our Multi-Pane Stock Chart demo. This example shows React Candlestick charts, with volume bars as columns, overlaying line charts as moving averages. Multiple panes are synchronised (linked) to render technical indicators such as MACD and RSI. All charts zoom and pan together. A single tooltip is overlayed on all charts. … Continue reading React Multi-Pane Stock Charts Example

Realtime Stock Charts in React

Connecting a React Candlestick Chart to financial data in an exchange is easy. In this example, price data is fetched from an exchange via REST API, then dynamically updated using a WebSocket. Candlestick charts are updated on price tick. Technical indicators (moving average) are calculated, and the chart allows zooming, panning to view older data.

React Candlestick Chart with Dynamic Updates

Learn how to a Candlestick Chart in React, connected to live exchange data which updates dynamically. This demo uses financial data from Binance exchange, and fetches historical candles (bars) using REST Api, then subscribes to live price or trade updates via Websocket. The live trades are pushed into the chart, updating candlesticks in realtime. … Continue reading React Candlestick Chart with Dynamic Updates

Medical & Scientific Charts in React

Medical applications are more and more being ported to React. Before, they were often C++ or C# applications. Medical device & medical software manufacturers expect high performance, reliability and low memory usage in charts & graphs. A showcase of examples can be found below.

Visualising Cardiac Telemetry: ECG/EKG Heart Rate Monitors in React

Plotting a sweeping medical ECG is easy in React with this software. Cardiac telemetry often needs to be visualised on medical devices or patient monitoring systems. Data traces can be cardiac telemetry, heart rate, blood oxygen, SPO2, blood pressure are plotted to the right of the graph, then wrap around to the beginning. This is possible with SciChart.js’ Fifo Sweeping Mode.

Creating Echocardiograms, Ultrasound & Sonar in React

Echocardiograms, Ultrasound, Sonar, Thermal imaging and more can be created in React. Using a dynamic heatmap chart type

React Heatmap / Spectrogram Chart Demo

Create Ultrasound, Sonar, Echocardiograms and Thermal Imaging using our React Heatmap or Spectrogram Chart type … Continue reading React Heatmap / Spectrogram Chart Demo

React Chart Types

It’s not just complex financial & medical charts that can bring a new lease of life to your data visualizations. Variations in React Line Chart include a wide range of different line styles, such as simple lines, digital lines, tooltips, dashes, gaps, labels, hovering lines and more.

javascript donut chart React Donut Chart
javascript pie chart React Pie Chart
javascript stacked mountain chart React Stacked Area or Stacked Mountain Chart
javascript stacked column chart React Stacked Bar or Stacked Column Chart
javascript 3D bubble chart React 3D Bubble Chart
different types of javascript charts React Line Charts

Who Uses SciChart?

SciChart’s fully customizable React Charts are used by investment banks, NASA, top Formula 1 teams and companies in the tech, medical, engineering, electrical, and oil and gas domains. As you can see from the showcase above, we support a diverse range of customized features to help your users get the most out of their data.

Start using SciChart.js and SciChart-React Today

SciChart-React is a free open-source library to allow you to use SciChart.js in React applications. Available on Npm and Github: npm install scichart-react.

SciChart.js is a JavaScript Chart Library now available with a FREE community edition (no trial, sign-up or credit card required) where you can try out the library commercially or use it in a non-commercial application.

If you have a question, or would like to give feedback, contact us.





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