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Do you have a particularly challenging project that could benefit from SciChart's in-house developer team? We’ve catered to lots of different companies with lots of different needs ranging from Scientific and Medical to Financial and trading. Specialists in creating bespoke solutions and generating tailor made software packages, we’re here to help. Anything from customising and integrating SciChart's chart library components to building complete systems and apps we’ve got extensive experience in it all. If you’d like to find out how we can help you with your project get in touch now and let’s see what we can build together.

// Consultancy Projects Case Studies

Digital Logic Analyzer App for Big Data Visualization from Electronical Sensors

Read on to see how JKI used SciChart WPF to render huge datasets in a Digital Logic Analyzer Application.

Platform: WPF

Industry: Electronics, Semiconductor

Requirements: The client is a leading electronic test and measurement company that provides high speed trace and test verification tools for cutting-edge memory technologies​

Resources: 3-4 SciChart Consultants; 4-5 months duration of project

Skills involved: C#, WPF, XAML;

Solution Provided: Several custom features and custom series types were created, which drastically enhanced the performance and functionality of the Protocol Logic Analyzer Software. Custom features such as Custom X-Axis type (Double-scaled time axis) and UniformXyDataSeries custom type were used. In addition, SciChart implemented specific logic for finding intersections of multiple inner signals and drawing those intersections without loss in performance. Finally, SciChart provided a solution that could draw billions of data points while minimizing the computer's resources and provided customized charts and annotations.

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Digital Logic Analyzer Application with SciChart
realtime high bandwidth financial charting wpf scichart

Integration into Financial Analytics Application

Platform: WPF

Industry: Financial, Trading, Analytics

Requirements: The Client had a need for a powerful, general-purpose charting control. In addition, an application that will allow visualization of key trading related metrics using charts was required. The application needed to be performant enough to handle big datasets and have smooth user interactions.

Resources: 1-2 SciChart Consultants; 1-Year duration of the project (Ongoing)

Skills involved: C#, WPF, XAML;

Solution Provided: The initial integration of SciChart “out of the box” features to the application has been provided (various chart types, crosshairs with tooltip and rollovers, various axis types as well as Interactions with the chart, and more.)
Bespoke Custom SciChart Features were also added as requested, including Custom double-scale discontinuous axis, Custom background shading, ‘Relative-to’ option for cumulative charts, the customizable formatting of the y-axis, New Snapshot Chart type visualization, which changed its appearance depending on the zoom level and more.

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In-House Customer Relationship Management System

Platform: WPF

Industry: Sales, Marketing

Requirements: One of the challenges we faced was how to integrate our online purchasing processor system (FastSpring) to our own databases, for customer storage, software licensing, sales-dashboarding and various other admin functions.

Resources: 2 developers, 20 weeks;

Skills involved: C#, WPF, XAML, MVVM, MSSQL, SciChart, Microsoft.Owin Rest Services, Reactive Extensions, Task Parallel Library, Unity, Quartz Scheduled Jobs, e-Commerce integration, Marketing Automation integration, Wordpress website integration;

Solution Provided: For this we have developed a bespoke Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), which is used internally by SciChart for the sale of SciChart;

Benefits: We have built a software that serves our sales needs, that we can rely on. The Solution is integrated with our payment service provider FastSpring and our own licensing system as well as third party marketing automation system ActiveCampaign. It helps SciChart to serve our customers successfully and monitor how "healthy" the business is at a glance.

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SciChart Inhouse Customer Tracking System, uses SciChart WPF v4
realtime high bandwidth financial charting wpf scichart

Custom Charting of Markets Data for Trading

Platform: WPF

Industry: Financial, Trading

Requirements: To plot, visualize and annotate both derived and Realtime market data in a multi-pane, multi stream custom display. The Trading platform needed to be able to feature price and volume, Market profile and delta & OHLC volume charts simultaneously from differing sources whilst being able to cope with a High Frequency, Realtime environment typical of fast moving markets without any slowdown.

Resources: 2 developers, 4 weeks;

Skills involved: C#, WPF, Xaml;

Solution Provided: Three custom series were developed to show market profile, complex bid and ask data volume histograms and delta values on a trading chart. The solution was able to show the user how many trades were performed at a certain price (or tick) and the side (bid/ask) of the trade. This game changing display allowed Quantirica to make their end users trading more successful and remain highly competitive in their sector

Benefits: Our team was able to save the customer months in development and integration by building on our extensive charting library and combining novel charting solutions to provide the solution they needed in only 4 weeks massively reducing R&D costs. Ongoing support was offered via Skype to ensure an easy transition.

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Realtime iOS Charting for Cardiac Data

Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iWatch)

Industry: Health & Fitness

Requirements: To display 70,000 points of heart rate data accurately and in Realtime. Data is recorded live during custom training sessions to show the calculated “effort” index and true heart rate trends in a custom line and bar chart whilst maintaining a smooth UI across platforms.

Resources: 1 developer, 1 week;

Skills involved: Objective C, Swift 3, XCode;

Solution Provided: Custom series developed to show bar graph in the iHealth iOS App. Integration of SciChart into other parts of the app, namely line charts that could handle visualization of live data maintaining smooth, rich touch interaction with added panning, pinch zoom, drag and tooltips functionality.

Benefits: SciChart saved the customer weeks of time by replacing the open source charts with customized SciChart controls in just a few days. The team then provided ongoing support over e-mail.

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SciChart real time charting cardiac data app
SciChart Custom Composite Annotations for Tradin Applications

Custom Composite Annotations for Trading Application

Platform: WPF

Industry: Financial, Trading

Requirements: To develop custom composite annotations with extended functionalities for a financial trading application. The client needed line, channel and Fibonacci annotations to work in unison to catch trends, snap to the specific point and be extended beyond the market data for accurate predictions. In turn, these trends needed to show the last candle values to trigger alerts. In addition, it should be possible to build trends by a bar count as well as add/remove levels to the Fibonacci retracements to detect market swings. All features needed to operate smoothly in a high frequency environment so that traders could make well informed decisions.

Resources: 1 developer, 8 weeks, ongoing;

Skills involved: C#, WPF, XAML;

Solution Provided: A number of required custom composite annotations have been created with the extended functionalities, such as the ability to convert annotations to trends, use them on different time frames and setting the alerts.

Benefits: SciChart was able to save the customer months in development time by providing a complete solution derived from customized SciChart controls. The same team then provided ongoing support via email.

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// Our Expertise

The SciChart Team has a wide set of skills to help with your projects including combined decades of experience in:

  • WPF: High performance WPF/C# code and complex enterprise WPF applications, Enterprise grade code quality, XAML, MVVM, Styling, Theming, Slick user interfaces, SciChart obviously, Reactive Extensions, Unity Container, Task Parallel Library, Unity, MEF, Prism, animations, binding, custom control development, SQL databases, continuous delivery, performance optimization, DirectX, SVN/Git, HTTP Rest Webservices, other restful services and more;
  • Web / JavaScript: JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML/CSS/SASS, Webpack, WebAssembly, Node.js, Next, Nuxt, React, Angular, Vue, Server Side Rendering Desktop/Mobile markup, HTTP requests, SEO, WebGL и Server-side Data Streaming;
  • iOS: Objective-C; High performance Objective-C/C code; Swift 4; XCode; custom UIView development; SciChart obviously; OpenGLES; OpenGL; C++; App development and deployment; Custom control development; Animations; Custom theming and styling; Unit testing, continuous delivery and deployment of apps to the AppStore; SVN/Git, OpenGL, Core graphics;
  • Android: Java; Kotlin; Android SDKs; Android Studio; Custom View development; SciChart obviously, OpenGLES, JNI/C++ Interop, NDK; Java performance tuning; App development and deployment, Animations; Custom theming and styling; ReactiveUI Deployment to Play Store; Unit Testing, Continuous Delivery, SVN/Git, OpenGL;
  • Xamarin: C#, Xamarin Native, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android binding libraries; Control binding libraries; Custom control development; App development and deployment; Creation of Xamarin Shared Applications; Unit Testing; SVN/Git; OpenGL;
  • Cross Platform: C/C++ Cross platform code, Platform Independent Interop & P/Invoke with C#, Java, Objective C. High Performance C++ code. SIMD/SEE Vectorization. Parallel Processing. Algorithm development, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Low Latency systems, Performance tuning. DirectX9, 10, 11, OpenGL, OpenGLES;
  • Soft Skills: Requirements analysis, Agile / Lean project management, DevOps, Continuous Integration & Deployment, Tech Support, Support Desk Management, Documentation Writing, Software Testing

Through a combination of Speed, Performance & Flexibility we are able to make the impossible tasks possible. We’ve helped many companies and individuals to make their projects a reality. Read on to see what SciChart could do for your project.

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