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Custom Composite Annotations for Trading Application

Custom Composite Annotations for Trading Application

Platform: WPF

Industry: Financial, Trading

Requirements: To develop custom composite annotations with extended functionalities for a financial trading application. The client needed line, channel and Fibonacci annotations to work in unison to catch trends, snap to the specific point and be extended beyond the market data for accurate predictions. In turn, these trends needed to show the last candle values to trigger alerts. In addition, it should be possible to build trends by a bar count as well as add/remove levels to the Fibonacci retracements to detect market swings. All features needed to operate smoothly in a high frequency environment so that traders could make well informed decisions.

Resources: 1 developer, 8 weeks, ongoing;

Skills involved: C#, WPF, XAML;

Solution Provided: A number of required custom composite annotations have been created with the extended functionalities, such as the ability to convert annotations to trends, use them on different time frames and setting the alerts.

Benefits: SciChart was able to save the customer months in development time by providing a complete solution derived from customized SciChart controls. The same team then provided ongoing support via email.

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By SciChart | Oct 12, 2022

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