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In-House Customer Relationship Management System

In-House Customer Relationship Management System

Platform: WPF

Industry: Sales, Marketing

Requirements: One of the challenges we faced was how to integrate our online purchasing processor system (FastSpring) to our own databases, for customer storage, software licensing, sales-dashboarding and various other admin functions.

Resources: 2 developers, 20 weeks;

Skills involved: C#, WPF, XAML, MVVM, MSSQL, SciChart, Microsoft.Owin Rest Services, Reactive Extensions, Task Parallel Library, Unity, Quartz Scheduled Jobs, e-Commerce integration, Marketing Automation integration, WordPress website integration;

Solution Provided: For this we have developed a bespoke Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), which is used internally by SciChart for the sale of SciChart;

Benefits: We have built a software that serves our sales needs, that we can rely on. The Solution is integrated with our payment service provider FastSpring and our own licensing system as well as third party marketing automation system ActiveCampaign. It helps SciChart to serve our customers successfully and monitor how “healthy” the business is at a glance.

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By SciChart | Oct 12, 2022

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