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Scichart iOS Licensing Troubleshooting

The following page is to help you with licensing & activation issues with SciChart iOS. If you experience one of the following issues please read below to find the steps how to solve them.

Note: This article refers to SciChart iOS v2 or lower. For SciChart iOS v3 or greater, please see the updated SciChart iOS Licensing v3.x page

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Locating License Keys

Your serial key is found in your License Certificate email and also online at If you do not have either, please contact-us!

Trial Expired Problems

Sometimes people report that after distributing their application, the Trial Watermark still appears, or, end users see Trial Expired.

Follow the steps below to debug this.

The Example of importing a license contract in Swift 3 project.
The Example of importing a license contract in Objective-C project.
The Example of importing a license contract in Xamarin project.

Click Above to see how to perform the runtime licensing test

  1. Download this Licensing Test App and unzip it to your computer.
  2. Import SciChart.framework into Test App.
  3. Enter your Runtime License key from your Profile in App.xaml.cs & compile the Licensing Test App
  4. Run the Licensing Test App on the device or simulator where you are experiencing problems.
    1. Expected Result: You should not see a ‘Powered by SciChart’ watermark or a trial expired when running the Licensing Test App.
    2. If you do, contact us, you’ve probably found a bug 🙂

If either expectation above fails, please contact tech support and we will be glad to assist. Please tell us what you tried, and what version of SciChart you are using.

If the expectations above pass, it is likely that the Runtime key has been set incorrectly in your main application. Please double check you have set the Runtime Key once and once only in your app. It should be set before any SciChartSurface instances are created.