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Expert Consultants in High Performance Data Visualisation

Expert Consultants in High Performance Data Visualisation

I’ve been working in software in some shape or form for almost twenty years. My career started out doing a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering (1999-2003), which then went on to a PhD in Electronics (2003-2006) and later a career in Software Engineering spanning scientific, petrochem and Tier-1 Investment Banking. Take a look at my Linked-In profile to see the wide range of industries and varied projects carried out over this time.

Throughout my career Data Visualisation has always been important. From very early days I remember during my research needing to draw millions of data-points from sensors and trying to use Matlab to achieve it. It sadly wasn’t capable of drawing that much data and would lock up my computer. I had to code something myself to draw that data quickly in a line chart and thus the very first version of SciChart was born! …

How SciChart makes Impossible Projects Possible

Fast forward to today, SciChart as a business has been going for 8-years now, and our charting SDK been used in F1 to Aerospace, Medical & Scientific Research, Energy, Transportation, Automotive, Business applications including dashboards, Finance and Trading and more. It’s even been used to reduce tumour screening time from weeks to hours and powers hundreds of research projects globally. It’s also being leveraged in the battle against COVID19. Something that I and my team are immensely proud of.

SciChart makes Impossible Projects Possible through the application of High-Performance, Real-time Big Data Visualisation.

Our software licensing sales have grown our business from a 1-person startup, to a global business with year on year growth every year, customers in over 80 countries and thousands of end-users using our chart SDK on Windows, iOS & Android platforms. However, from time to time we also carry out consultancy work for our customers, either integrating SciChart into their applications, building new visualisations, performance optimisation or even full apps & services for customers.

Examples of these projects can be found below ->

Financial Client / $100,000+ Project

For a large financial / trading company, SciChart consultants worked remotely alongside the customer team to help build a Financial Analytics Application. By leveraging our expertise in WPF, C# and deep customisation of SciChart, we were able to help the customer get to market quickly with a very complex big-data quantitative analysis application, which required custom chart types, custom tooltips, some big-data graphs beyond the current capability of SciChart as well as knowledge of C# WPF, MVVM, Xaml and performance optimisation.

Having SciChart staff on their team ultimately saved the customer time & money, as customising and integrating the chart SDK to applications is what we do best. Not only that but improved the chance of success of building such a complex data-visualisation application with ambitious requirements.

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F1 Client / $40,000+ Project

Image from NTNU Revolve Formula-Student race record & analysis software

We have customers in Formula One. In particular, we carried out a project for an F1 team to integrate SciChart to their software. The project required several of our developers and is currently ongoing. Integration to a C++ application required knowledge of C++, WinForms, C#, Performance Optimisation and working within the exact constraints of their requirements. Getting to market fast was the focus and for a relatively low cost, we were able to carry out deep requirement analysis, and provide a proof of concept that SciChart could achieve all the customer requirements and more. Having SciChart consultants on a project like this can ultimately save time & money as our staff know the SDK better than anyone.

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Medical Client / $20,000+ Project

The IMT Citrex H5 was the first device to use SciChart Android in a medical context.

One of our first Android Chart Customers was a consultancy customer, who wanted us to port SciChart to the Android platform. They built a medical testing device for medical-ventilators, now very important in the fight against Covid-19.

On this project, our staff helped build a high performance data-visualisation library on the Android platform, allowing the customer to visualise data in real-time from up to 30 sensors including airflow, pressure, temperature, all on low-cost Freescale i.MX6 hardware running Android. Without the expertise of our consultants in Java, Android, JNI, C++, Android NDK, OpenGL and performance optimisation, this project would have been impossible, or, considerably more expensive for the customer to build.

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Med Tech / $3,000+ Project

We serve smaller clients too. For a small fee one of our consultants joined a med-tech team for a short period of time, and optimised their usage of SciChart. With our expertise in performance optimisation, our consultant managed to reduce the start-up time of their application (which was unrelated to our SDK) from 22 seconds to under 4 seconds, optimise usage of SciChart and fix several issues and add minor enhancements in under a week. It goes without saying that the kind of cutting-edge expertise we offer can add a huge amount of value to a project, even if just for a short period of time.

SciChart is used by over 50% of medical device manufacturers and appears in many med-tech projects

Our Expertise

Our expertise isn’t just limited to SciChart, charts, and graphics & drawing. If we had to list the wide range of expert-level skills we have within our business it would read like one of those spam job adverts that lists every possible programming language! But we really do have these skills.

Across our team we have experts in:

  • Programming languages such as C#, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Swift, Objective-C.
  • Graphics APIs such as WebGL, DirectX, OpenGL, Metal, Vulkan, HTML5-Canvas.
  • Frameworks such as WinForms, WPF, React, Electron, WebAssembly.
  • Platforms such as iOS, Mac OSX, Xamarin, WinForms/WPF and Android.
  • Server-side technologies such as AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, SQL, No-SQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB, HTTP/Rest, SignalR, Node.JS, Cryptography, Security.
  • Domain expertise in areas such as 2D/3D Graphics/Game Engine design, Performance Optimisation, mathematics & algorithm development.

We’ve built our business up from the ground, and build a number of systems to support it including server-side licensing services, customer relationship management services and advanced dashboards. Our crack team of consultants can do the same for you!

The SciChart Customer Management System is an Azure Functions micro-service application with WPF Front-end, displaying dashboards about business-health, sales, orders, usage telemetry and more

How we can Help You

At SciChart we are launching a new service whereby we can provide consultants for short or long term projects, to work with your team remotely and assist in any of the following areas:

  • Expert training & coaching of your teams on how to use SciChart, such as project kick-off and acceleration at the start of your development.
  • Integration of SciChart to your applications on any platform (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Requirements analysis and fitting to SciChart features, building customisations or minor new features when required.
  • Performance optimisation of applications on any platform (Windows, iOS, Android).
  • Best practice architectural design and implementation of complex applications.
  • New custom 2D or 3D visualisations.

This can take two forms: Expect Consultancy projects, or Expert One to One Support. More on these below.  

Expert Consultancy Projects

An expert Consultancy project is where you hire one or more of our consultants for a period of time and at an hourly rate. For example, you may require two of our consultants for a four weeks to integrate SciChart to your application, or to help prototype a new application.

This works a little bit like making a temporary hire, except with our consultant specialising in our areas of expertise such as performance analysis, requirements analysis, integration/customisation of SciChart and best-practice application development. Suitable for larger projects, this service can accelerate your development and make cost savings in the long run by providing the right sort of advice at the right time.

During the project our consultants are assigned solely to you and will focus on the needs of your team, communicating via MS Teams / Skype / Slack , and remote working on your application alongside your existing developers. We will gather requirements at the start of the process and estimate the time required, and upon commencement of the project, we will bill weekly or monthly for the developer time spent. You can stop the project at any time should you no longer need our services.

Expert One to One Support

Expert One to One support is a subscription package which we have created to augment our existing priority support. When you purchase SciChart licenses, you get covered with priority support: unlimited support tickets over email subject to fair use and our support policy. There are things which our support policy does not cover however and from time to time we’ve had to say no to customisation or help improving an application over our support desk.

With Expert One to One Support, for a low monthly subscription fee you can guarantee a number of hours from our expert consultants to work with your team, bookable in advance as meetings, as development time etc…

For example, a fee of $2,000 per calendar month could guarantee 20 hours of Expert One to One support per month (pricing may vary), where you can contact us, arrange a meeting or date/time to collaborate, and one or more of our consultants will work for you for a set time in any of the areas we mention above.

Leveraging our skill set we can help you get to market quicker and for a reduced cost. Our expertise saves time in implementation and ensures best practice ensuring your product is optimised, making the best use of SciChart and fully analysed for performance.

We will be limiting access to this service and it comes on a first-come first-served basis. If you are building a complex project and could do with an extra level of support from us, or expertise then Expert One to One support can help.

Are you Interested to Work with our Consultants?

Do you need an expert consultant on your project or are you interested in our Expert One to One Support packages? Could a consultant with years or perhaps decades of experience in one of the areas above help you save time & money on your projects?

If so, get in touch and contact sales today!


By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Apr 13, 2020
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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