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Why our Customers Love SciChart


Why our Customers Love SciChart

So what do our users say about SciChart?

So we created this Anonymous SciChart v3 2014 Roadmap survey which talks about some of our plans and invited your feedback. We had some incredible responses, some of which we’ve listed below. Remember these are Anonymous but they were so encouraging we had to print them!

Have a look below to see what some of our customers think of SciChart:

Q: What’s the best Feature of SciChart?

 “The speed is incredible. When our company was looking for a new Chart provider I tested at least 10 providers. No one even came close at all to what I saw with SciChart. I created a sample which I sent to several competitors and asked them to alter it for their chart to improve the performance, and even with that no one could touch SciChart.” – Anon

 “Flexibility. Not everything is supported out of the box but everything can be achieved somehow. – Very good and fast support regarding problems and solutions for specific needs.” – Anon

 “I’m most impressed with with lengths you’ve gone to support MVVM, databinding and XAML. Because of constraints with my application, I have to allow lots of data pivots and plots to be selected from a single view, and I really wanted to do this in the spirit of MVVM. SciChart made this easy. The performance (speed especially) is pretty impressive, and since we’re a science shop, its mostly a match made in heaven.” – Anon

 “SciChart was the only WPF chart with sufficient performance.” – Anon

 “The examples (code) reported for every specific case.” – Anon

 “It’s fast and beautiful” – Anon

 “WPF binding series, MVVM friendly” – Anon

Q: Why did you choose us over competitors?

 “The research we did said you were the best; we evaluated scicharts and it held up” – Anon

 “Speed. Was easy to get up and running. Wide choice of graph types. Good MVVM samples and base class support.” – Anon

 “Performance and focus on charts and WPF. Risk with other vendors is that they focus on 50 different controls, on WPF, WinForms and Web. A DateTimePicker control is not critical, but chart performance is very important.” – Anon

 “Your focus on performance, great and transparent support. Of course, all of this would be useless if you didn’t develop for financial use cases (like Ohlc series with multiple high-performance renderers). Also, MVVM was (and is) a huge benefit architecture-wise.” – Anon

 “The speed of the component, the databinding/MVVM support, and the competency of the people answering support queries during my trial period.” – Anon

 “Speed is much faster than sazzafrazzarazza charting component.” – Anon

 “1. High performance. 2. Tech support 3. Many samples” – Anon


Wowsers! Seems like there are a lot of people out there that think SciChart is awesome!

We have a few areas we need to improve on too, and don’t worry, improve we will. But seriously guys, if you are sitting on the fence right now, deciding between Vendor X and SciChart, just take a look at the response above. Can all chart vendors say the same?

Thank you so much to those that took the survey! The survey is still open if you have some feedback for us. We may print it but we don’t capture names, emails or any personal information to identify you so it’s totally anonymous.

Best regards,
[SciChart HQ]

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By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Nov 24, 2013
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing. Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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