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MyGet Outage affecting WPF, Android customers


MyGet Outage affecting WPF, Android customers

Yesterday it was brought to our attention that is facing a major outage. MyGet – a provider of Nuget package feeds, Maven repositories and private npm has been used by SciChart for almost ten years to provide nightly builds and packages to customers.

MyGet was acquired by Assembla in 2018, which has responded to posts reporting the issue on Twitter, however feeds continue to be down after 48 hours.

Feeds that are affected include:

  • SciChart WPF: Nightly build feeds and release feeds abtsoftware, abtsoftware-bleeding-edge
  • SciChart Android: Maven feed for major and minor SciChart Android libraries
  • SciChart.js: npm feed for beta releases and nightly builds of SciChart.js

Backup sources

WPF Customers

For a while now we have been pushing packages to We recommend switching over to where you can find all major releases post v5.2.0

All historical installers including older releases and SciChart binaries can also be found at

JavaScript Customers

All packages for SciChart.js are pushed to npm.js/package/scichart. We recommend using this package source for production and development builds.

index.min.js is also published to

Android Customers

MyGet is the only maven feed that we have for Android packages. We are looking into an alternative feed now to maintain continuity of service for our customers.

All historical binaries can be downloaded as zipped AARs at

iOS Customers

… are unaffected, as packages are hosted by Github

Monitoring the Situation

We are continuing to monitor the situation and consider alternatives. Our own development builds are predicated on MyGet feeds being up so this is impacting us as much as it is customers that use the feeds.

Whether or not the situation resolves soon we will need to look for alternatives and migrate away from MyGet. Once we do we will notify our users and modify documentation to show alternate package sources.

Update – 27th July 11am UTC

Update – as of 11 am UTC / 27th July 2023 is back online and we can upload and browse packages. Downloads are still disabled. We are continuing to monitor the situation for impact to our customers and assess redundancy / backup solutions.

Update – 28th July 9am UTC

Update – as of 9 am UTC / 28th July 2023 all MyGet systems are operational.

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]


By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Jul 27, 2023
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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