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Deactivating SciChart v3.2

Note: This article refers to SciChart WPF v3.2 to 5.x. For SciChart WPF v6, please see the updated SciChart WPF Licensing v6.x page

Deactivating your Developer License

If you wish to Deactivate a license (transfer to another developer), please use the SciChart Licensing Wizard.

  1. Windows Start Menu -> Type SciChart Licensing Wizard -> Start the Wizard.
  2. Select ‘I would like to Deactivate a License’
  3. Enter your Username (not email) and Password which you used when you activated.*
  4. Click ‘Deactivate’ to release the license.

That’s it! The license has been released and you can now transfer it to another developer.

Note*   You must use the same username and password that you used to activate. If you have forgotten your password, please try a password reset at

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