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SciChart v3.0 Release Candidate (BETA 2)


SciChart v3.0 Release Candidate (BETA 2)

SciChart v3.0 Release Candidate (BETA 2) Now Ready for Download

We are pleased to announce that SciChart v3.0 Release Candiate is now ready for download. Version 3.0 Build 4167 includes some critical fixes and improvements which have been highlighted via in the past few weeks.

Please see the changelog below. It is recommended to update to the latest version if you are currently using v3.x, else, to remain on v2.x until a suitable time for you to upgrade.

All existing customers in their support window are entitled to receive the latest upgrade.


  • Complete refactor to HitTest with some API changes. This results in a 50-100x performance improvement over HitTest from v2.2, v2.3, v2.31. It is still slower than the algorithm in v2.1 but much more accurate
  • Significant improvement to GC / memory management and performance (submitted by owners of SciTech Memory Profiler:
    • Reduced boxing/unboxing to IPoint/Point2D
    • Reduced object creation in the rendering pipeline
    • improvements to MinMax resampling using Unsafe code (WPF Only)
  • Added a propery IsAnimating to VisibleRangeChangedEventArgs.
  • PinchZoomModifier.XyDirection property allows restricting multi-touch zoom to X or Y Axis like ZoomPanModifier
  • Implemented HitTest in StackedColumnRenderableSeries
  • Added StaticAxis Example
  • Added VerticalSliceModifier example
  • Improvements to Global Theme application. Now in WPF the themes are per-chart not global (static) as in v2.3
  • Improved performance of HitTest in case of RolloverModifier
  • Improved ZoomExtents under multitouch – now easier to trigger
  • Added IsStaticAxis property to IAxis interface
  • Improved performance of series that use PaletteProvider, with user-suggested improvements!
  • Improved performance for wide-stroke lines using HighSpeed renderer, with user suggested improvements!
  • Improved tooltip placement code, allowing merging of tooltips

API Changes

  • Complete refactor to HitTest APIs. Documentation in progress. If you need help here with updating your code please email us
  • Hit Test API has changed. Please see the accompanying release note for details
  • LabelFormatter has been renamed LabelProvider. Please see the accompanying release notes for details
  • The behaviour of VisibleRangeChanged event has changed to satisfy opposing requirements.
    • The event will always publish even during animation
    • During animation the VisibleRangeChangedEventArgs.IsAnimating property will be true
    • At the end of an animation, there will be one more VisibleRangeChangedEventArgs published with IsAnimating = False

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed RolloverModifier for StackedMountainRenderableSeries
  • Fixed ECG Monitor demo flickering on axis while redrawing
  • Fixed NullReferenceExeption on mouse scoll (duplicating fix from v2.x)
  • Fixed YAxisDragModifier does not work with VisibleRangeLimit
  • Fixed cursor tooltips disappearance issue
  • Fixed a bug in SciTrader example ‘Assertion Failed’
  • Fixed incorrect label culling when resizing chart
  • Fixed a regression bug where CategoryDateTimeAxis labels update strangely on scrolling
  • Fixed CategoryDateTimeAxis/DateTimeAxis Labels disappear on maximum zoom in
  • Fixed an exception on mouse-wheel zoom
  • Fixed SizeChanged infinite render loop bug
  • Fixed Memory Leak in mouse-handlers (duplicated fix from v2.x branch)
  • Fixed Overview Memory Leak
  • Fixed Axis Labels are still visible on a hidden axis
  • Fixed Axis Culling is broken for CategoryDateTimeAxis
  • Fixed annotations on the BelowChart canvas visibility issue
  • Fixed default method implementation in PaletteProviderBase so v3.0 has same appearance as v2.x
  • Fixed overriding of VisibleRange binding when using VisibleRangeLimit
  • XML Serialization. Added missing properties for serialization, IsEnabled for chart modifiers
  • Removed DrawLabelsOnEdge property from AxisBase. We don’t clip tick labels if they are on edges now
  • (Merged from v2.31) Regenerated documentation to remove ‘Trial Expired’ notice!
  • (Merged from v2.31) Fixed if BandSeries Min > Max cannot select BandSeries
  • (Merged from v2.31) Fixed a VisibleRange exception when using Category and Numeric XAxis on the same chart
  • (Merged from v2.31) Fixed SeriesSource doesn’t update surface when Loading and Unloading the chart
  • (Merged from v2.31) Fixed a NullReferenceException crash when Annotations are added to an empty chart with CategoryDateTimeAxis
  • (Merged from v2.31) Fixed a double.Parse() culture crash in ValueMultiplicatorConverter in the examples suite
  • (Merged from v2.31) Fixed a bug in Silverlight Annotations which made it difficult to click, select and drag them
  • (Merged from v2.31) Fixed Annotations wrong placement when visibility restored
By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Apr 02, 2014
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing. Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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