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We’ve updated our pricing model


What’s changing?

We’ve updated and integrated our renewals system for a new pricing model, updated our headline pricing on bundle products & formally introduced Standard & Advanced Licensing.

Renewals System & New Pricing Model

Under the old renewals and pricing model customers could purchase single year licenses off our store & renew annually with a 50% discount, losing this discount 30 days after license expiration with pricing subject to change.

We’ve updated and modernised our renewals and pricing system integrating renewal discounts into headline pricing and offering multi-year licenses as standard.

You’ll now be able to benefit from the 50% renewal discount from day 1, when choosing a 2-year or 3-year license and a further 10% discount on 3-year licenses taken upfront.

As an added bonus, you can now reduce your project costs and fix pricing for the long term.

Orders are now set to auto-renew as standard at the rate conveyed by the original order term. Customers who ordered a one-year upfront order can be renewed into a 3-year renewal to lock in preferential rates.

Customers who commit to auto-renew at purchase can lock pricing in today, for up to 6 years.

Pricing is now shown as standard on a per developer, per month basis to give a better understanding of per head costs, with the option to access payment terms, subject to agreement, including monthly, quarterly or annually for larger orders. Contact sales for more information.

Grandfathering in existing customers

SciChart continues to respect existing agreements with customers meaning that any customer on the legacy system can continue to renew as they did, or switch to the new system – whichever they prefer.

If a customer on the legacy system has their license expire and loses the renewal discount, they will be automatically ported onto the new system when they try to renew or get started again with SciChart.

What happens if my subscription expires?

Under either system, legacy or new, when your subscription expires you will lose access to technical support, updates, bug fixes, new features, new platforms (if applicable), nightly builds, as well as any test domains you have. Under Advanced Licensing (More below) your agreement will be cancelled.

By maintaining an active subscription you will lock in pricing that may change over a multi year term and ensure that your project continues to receive any fixes, support or test environment it needs.


Pricing for Bundle products has remained static since 2020, prices for our Bundle products will increase by 10%. This decision reflects a combination of factors including global inflationary pressures as well as continuous investment in the product and systems in line with feedback from our customers.

Why the price increase?

Since 2020, we’ve embarked on significant enhancements across all supported platforms, including JavaScript, WPF, iOS, Android and MacOS. These enhancements include new features, performance improvements and upcoming support for gauges, polar charts and even Linux. In addition, we’ve expanded our team to bolster our world class support and accelerate product development to meet and exceed our customers evolving needs.

We’ve also invested heavily in our support infrastructure, launching a new support desk, a new customer portal, licensing management and enhancing our documentation with smart search functionality. These improvements are designed to make your experience with SciChart as seamless and productive as possible.

Commitment to value

Despite these changes, SciChart remains committed to providing unparallel value. Our solution remains competitively priced whilst offering best in class performance and flexibility compared to all other charting libraries. Our ongoing investment and exploration of new platforms and features is part of our commitment to ensuring SciChart remains the best tool for your development needs. We’re confident there isn’t a better solution out there, even for 5 times the price!

Formally introducing Standard & Advanced Licensing

Working with our customers across sectors, the feedback has continually been for a more permissive license type on certain platforms as well as extra levels of support for enterprise customers.
We have been supplying Permissive Licensing for non-domain locked licensing, small scale OEM and large scale deployments for some time and have now formalised this into the store making it clearer and easier to buy these products from the website. Our new Standard licensing allows more complex deployments as standard including SaaS, Trading Platforms, and even domain locked on-premise deployments on JavaScript. Our Advanced Licensing will enable non-domain locked licensing and give a route to have more permissive licensing and large-scale deployments.

What is the difference between SciChart Standard & Advanced Licensing?
Standard Licensing (Individual products only)

SciChart Standard Licensing conveys the right to use SciChart in up to 5 applications on the platform purchased, per license. On JavaScript, standard licensing supports up to 5 websites, internal or external, SaaS, trading platforms or up to 5 domain locked on-premise applications like electron. All Standard Licenses enable up to 15,000 users or deployments, across applications.

SciChart Advanced Licensing (Bundle products only)

SciChart Advanced Licensing conveys the right to use SciChart in unlimited applications, on all platforms that SciChart supports.

SciChart Advanced Licensing can be activated and used for non-domain locked on-premise permissive licensing on JavaScript, small scale OEM licensing and scaled to millions of end users.

Advanced licensing activation only requires one license to be maintained at the headline price, converting a single license into a subscription. For large scale use cases (over 15,000 end users), there are then scalable tiers adding in tens of thousands of users or implementations starting at less than $50 a month.

This permissive license type eliminates the need to register every domain or AppID with SciChart helping to reduce administrative burden, enable truly offline deployments, and ensures that your project can scale.

Simply put, to access the wide range of Advanced Licensing features, you only need to renew one license at the headline rate per project where this licensing is needed.

How does Advanced Licensing work?

The Advanced Licensing module where needed is a permissive license type which means in complex installations like localhost on JavaScript, or situations where the hostname is unknown, your clients can install without oversight from yourself, or SciChart.

Advanced licensing links your project to your license and where necessary a custom license permissive license key is provided to you. You’ll need Advanced Licensing for certain JS deployments, deployments with over 15,000 users, or certain OEM deployments.

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Apr 02, 2024
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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