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This morning we had a NuGet feed problem. In short, the TeamCity instance that was hosting our NuGet feed appears to have a bug and won’t serve packages.

So, we’ve taken the step to move the NuGet feed over to a hosted ProGet, which will hopefully result in more reliability and up-time. This is now up, and full instructions to connect are found at the Getting Nightly Builds with NuGet KB Article.

Also, a neat feature of ProGet is you can download the packages and unzip them, so, even if┬ádon’t want to use NuGet to reference SciChart DLLs, you can get the latest DLLs. Full instructions in the KB article above.

[SciChart HQ]

Andrew Burnett-Thompson
Andrew Burnett-Thompson
CEO / Founder of SciChart & SciTrader. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.

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