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SciChart v2.0 Pricing Changes Explained


SciChart v2.0 Pricing Changes Explained

So, SciChart v2.0 has finally been released! Along with this release we have introduced some pricing changes and new product tiers. The following article explains the tiers and pricing.

What do the different editions mean?

If you head over to you will see all the options available.

SciChart Editions (WPF)
SciChart Editions (WPF)
  • We have introduced three editions, SciChart Basic, SciChart Professional and SciChart Source Code
  • All existing customers from the past year now become SciChart Professional licensees (if they bought licenses to SciChart WPF or Silverlight), or SciChart Source Code licensees (if they bought Source Code editions)
  • SciChart Basic Edition has all the features of every other edition, but comes with 90-days support and updates.
  • SciChart Professional Edition and Source Code Edition come with 1-year Support and updates
  • SciChart Source Code Edition continues to be licensed for both WPF and Silverlight, plus comes with the full source code for both platforms (over 50,000 lines of code and 1,000 unit tests).
  • All Licenses continue to be perpetual, Royalty-free licenses. You may use the SciChart version(s) you are licensed to indefinitely without paying royalties on your redistributed applications. Nothing has changed here, only the pricing and new support-tier

We estimate that we have spent 3-man years of effort on building and supporting SciChart to-date. About 50% of our time is spent supporting people on the forums and on email, so these editions represent incredible value! Just think, how much do you pay your developers by the hour? And what price can you put on support that helps you build your applications?

So, what are the pricing changes?

You can see full pricing details at For example, the pricing for SciChart WPF Professional is as follows:

SciChart WPF Professional Pricing (1-year Support & Updates)
SciChart WPF Professional Pricing (1-year Support & Updates)
  • All new purchases of SciChart WPF Basic Edition cost $599 per developer for a single license, with discounts for multi-purchases.
  • All new purchases of SciChart WPF Professional Edition cost $899 per developer for a single license, with discounts for multi-purchases.
  • All new purchases of SciChart WPF Source Code Edition cost $1699 per developer for a single license, with discounts for multi-purchases.
  • SciChart Silverlight Basic and SciChart Silverlight Professional Editions are $499 and $699 respectively, with discounts for multi-purchases.
  • All existing customers are unaffected. You will not have to pay anything to upgrade as your support and updates contract continues. You license keys will continue to work on SciChart v2.0, so long as you are within your 1-year Support and Updates window. You will receive a source-code package soon if you are an existing source customer.

How does v2.0 pricing Compare to v1.x?

SciChart v2.0 vs SciChart v1.* costs per license
SciChart v2.0 vs SciChart v1.* costs per license

We have prepared this helpful chart to show how the pricing for v2.x compares to v1.x! No prizes for spotting which charting package this diagram was generated in 🙂

Although the price per-license is higher for a single license, because of steeper discounts the prices quickly normalize.

Customers who buy in bulk are effectively paying no more for v2.* with 1-year support and updates than customers who paid for v1.* last year, and are getting vastly more features and reduced risk.

Are there any changes to Multi-license discounts?

Yes, as a matter of fact there are! We have introduced bigger discounts for multi purchase licenses. The reason for this is to encourage more multi-purchases for teams.

  • Discounts now start from 2 licenses and reach 35% for 10x licenses (previously it was 25%).
  • This means if you buy 1 license today you will pay more than 1 license a year ago, but if you buy 3 or more you will actually pay roughly the same, or 5 or more, you will pay less that you would have last year.
  • We have done this to encourage more enterprise bulk licensing and reward customers who purchase in bulk.

Site License and Renewal Pricing announced

We have also announced site-license and renewal pricing. Renewals are offered to customers about to end their 1-year support window and includes a steep discount on your first-year license fee, plus any multi-purchase discount for bulk licensing.

Renewal pricing is valid if you renew within 30 days after the end of your support. After this time renewals will be charged at the full price.

All of our editions now have publicised site-license pricing. A site-license covers you for unlimited developers at a single physical site

What do we intend to do now?

We are actively investing in improving SciChart, both in terms of features, speed, performance and also usability. Over the next year expect to see frequent releases (as we have done for the past 16 months) and our usual high-quality response to issues reported on the forums.

Please keep the feedback coming!

Finally, we really value your feedback, now we enter a period of incremental improvements on the huge API and feature changes that we’ve delivered over the past 5 months. If you have a specific feature request please let us know. We are currently prioritizing features and improvements which you have suggested for the next incremental iteration.

Best regards,
[SciChart HQ]

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Jul 25, 2013
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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