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Changes to the SciChart Forum Permissions


Changes to the SciChart Forum Permissions

We had a little bit of a spam problem recently on the SciChart Forums, so we’ve enabled a reputational based system for posting questions, answers and comments. This article talks about the changes and what permissions you will have and how you can earn better permissions through earning rep!

The Rep Scheme on SciChart Forums

Similar to StackOverflow, by asking questions which get voted up, answering questions which get voted up or accepted, or accepting answers, you can earn reputation. Below is a table of the actions you can take and what rep you can earn.

ActionRep Earned
One of your questions is voted up+5
One of your questions is voted down-2
One of your answers is voted up+10
One of your answers is voted down-2
One of your answers is accepted+15
You accept an answer+2
You vote an answer down-1
One of your questions is deleted as spam-100
Table of reputation earned on the SciChart Forums allowing you to post comments or answers without approval

What Reputation do you need to post / answer or comment?

Actions everyone can do with zero rep

Everyone starts off with zero rep but you can quickly earn rep allowing you more permissions. Here’s what you can do with zero rep:

ActionRep Required
Ask a question with moderator approval0
Edit your own question0
Comment on your own question0
Edit your own comments0
Delete your own comments0
Close your own questions0
Add an answer with moderator approval0
Edit your own answers0
Delete your own answers0
Edit own comments on answers0
Delete your own comments0

Note that if a question or answer is marked as spam you will quickly get -100 rep and it will be a while before you can post again.

Actions that require earning rep

Some actions will require you to earn rep before you can carry them out. These include:

ActionRep Required
Ask question without moderator approval10
Add answer without moderator approval10
Vote up questions / answers15
Vote down questions / answers125
Add comments to questions / answers50

When your questions (posts) or answers require moderation

As a completely new user to the SciChart forums, you will still be able to post questions & answers, but they will require moderation.

An email will be sent to our team who will approve a question or answer as soon as possible. If the question is well formatted and valuable they will also vote it up! This will start you on the journey to unlocking privileges by earning rep.

How to Earn Rep quickly to unlock privileges!

To earn rep quickly all you have to do is ask a few good questions, our moderators will vote up the questions giving you +5 rep per question asked.

If you answer a question and this is voted up and accepted as answer, you will earn +10 and +25 respectively.

Lastly, if you do have +15 or more rep you can vote up other people’s questions or answers in order to encourage the community.

Thanks and happy forum posting!

Best regards,

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Jul 06, 2022
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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