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SciChart Pricing & Licensing Announcement – Limited Time Left

SciChart Pricing & Licensing Announcement – Limited Time Left

At SciChart, we are a proudly independent business. We’ve always been innovative and forward thinking in our pricing & licensing models in order to stay ahead of competitors.

Over the past year the word inflation has been hitting the news. Many suppliers and vendors are raising their prices. However, we recognise that for our customers there is a bigger need to justify costs to upper management and prospective users are looking for better value.

So, we’re going to do something completely different and counter-cultural …

On 23rd February 2023 we’ve introduced a -23% discount on two of our leading products: SciChart WPF and SciChart.js

SciChart.js Promotional Pricing – Limited Time Left!

Starting from 23rd Feb 2023, and until 31st december 2023 we’re discounting new licenses of SciChart.js via the store by -23%. This makes the following changes to our pricing:

A discount of 23% has been applied to new licenses purchased of SciChart.js via the store:

  • SciChart.js 2D has been reduced from $1,299 to $999 
  • SciChart.js 2D/3D has been reduced from $1,499 to $1,149

SciChart WPF Promotional Pricing

We have also applied a 23% discount to new licenses of SciChart WPF as well. You can see the new promotional pricing live at our store.

This reduces the price of new licenses of SciChart WPF by -23% when purchased via the store:

  • SciChart WPF 2D has been reduced from $1,699 to $1,299 
  • SciChart WPF 2D/3D has been reduced from $2,299 to $1,769

Updates to Technical Support

Until now, with all our licenses we have offered 1-year unlimited priority technical support for the cost of the license (subject to fair use).

Support is one of our biggest costs, and we take it seriously. In the last year we handled almost 3,000 sales & support tickets, forum questions and incidents. That’s a lot of work from our developers!

Not all of these are needed, in fact, in many cases we find customers find the solution themselves by searching our extensive documentation or forums. We also find some support requests are user error. Bugs or issues are also reported which are prioritised in order of severity.

In order to be more scalable at a lower price-point, we have made a change to individual platform licenses on our store (e.g. SciChart WPF, SciChart.js) to have a soft-limit of 10-tickets per license per year. Unlimited priority support still applies on the Bundle (cross platform) products.

In the future, we are also exploring ways to offer a lower-priced license with lower tiers of support (support-lite) as well as offering higher tiers (support premium) for 1:1 meetings over Zoom, Teams and custom development.

Like everyone else, our costs are increasing, so there the temptation to just raise prices. However, I think that the right thing to do for our customers is to provide better value for money and, in the future, a choice on what level of support you need, catering to big-data visualisation projects of all budgets.

Note: the above pricing & support changes only affect new licenses purchase via the store. Existing customers are unaffected.

Lots of Exciting Updates to come

At SciChart we have lots of exciting updates to come. Within the next few weeks/months we have:

  • Releases due on SciChart iOS/macOS/Android
    • To update our examples and demos in line with our branding theme
    • Several bug fixes & minor features
    • New releases to the SciChart iOS/Android examples apps
  • A Release due on SciChart WPF v7.1
    • This will include improvements to 3d axis labels, 3d chart visualisation and performance/stability improvements
    • Responses to many customers feedback after upgrading from SciChart WPF 6 to 7
  • Release due on SciChart JS v3.1
    • This will include new bug fixes, features, performance improvements.
    • We’re working on documentation enhancements, such as embedding codepens in our docs
    • Also very possibly a community license model which will allow non-commercial usage of scichart.js.

Watch us as we continue to innovative, continue to work hard and continue to justify being the highest publicly rated chart library!

I welcome your feedback on any of the above by contacting me (send DMs to my Linked In!)

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Feb 23, 2023
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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