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Announcing No-Support Product Pricing Options


Announcing No-Support Product Pricing Options

Today we’re excited to announce a new pricing option for our cross platform WPF, iOS & Android charts to complement our 1-year, 2-year, 3-year and lifetime priority support options.

This option is about 30% cheaper than supported options if you wish to purchase a license without technical support.

New No-Support Option: Save 30% on License Costs

As of today we have launched a new No-Support option to all our WPF, iOS & Android Chart control licenses (excluding source-code options).

This option will give you access to updates for 3-months only (no technical support) and reduces the price of purchasing licenses from SciChart by about 30% and should make things considerably cheaper if you don’t think you will need access to our tech support during your development:

No Support Option Pricing (Developer Licenses)
  • SciChart WPF 2D Pro: $629 (vs. $899 with 1-year support, Save $270 USD!)
  • SciChart WPF SDK Pro: $1229 (vs. $1749 with 1-year support, Save $520 USD!)
  • SciChart iOS 2D Pro: $549 (vs. $789 with 1-year support, Save $240 USD!)
  • SciChart Android 2D Pro: $549 (vs. $789 with 1-year supportSave $240 USD!)
  • SciChart iOS & Android 2D Pro: $874 (vs. $1,249 with 1-year support, Save $375 USD!)
No Support Option Pricing (Site Licenses)

Site licenses are also available for unlimited developers at a single physical site. For example:

  • SciChart WPF 2D Pro Site: $6299 (vs. $8990 with 1-year support, Save $2700 USD!)
  • SciChart WPF SDK Pro Site: $12490 (vs. $17490 with 1-year support, Save $5241 USD!)
  • SciChart iOS & Android 2D Pro Site: $6229 (vs. $8990 with 1-year support, Save $2700 USD!)

You can see all the pricing live now at


What are the terms?

With the 1-year, 2-year, 3-year and lifetime support options, you get priority support at, or via the forums at We will aim to answer your questions within 1-business day, and solve problems as quickly as reasonably possible.

With the no-support option, your access to these systems won’t be prevented, but it will be ignored. Meaning you may receive an auto-response but please don’t expect to have questions answered. We have to be strict about this, sorry.

Your no-support license will allow you to get major & minor updates from SciChart such as bug fix builds, new features, for 3-months from purchase, not for a full-year like the 1-year support plan.

What if I want to report a bug?

Please do! You can report bugs by emailing . Please be sure to include:

  • The platform you are using (e.g. WPF, IOS, Android)
  • The version of SciChart you are using
  • Steps to reproduce the bug
  • A code sample (if applicable)
  • Screenshots (if applicable)

Bugs will be filed in our task tracker, and prioritised according to severity of the bug, and our workload. If we do fix it, we’ll try to contact you back to let you know.

What if I do need help?

We do have an extensive set of examples and documentation for all our charts, and more is coming soon such as getting-started guides and tutorials. If you do need help please try to use these resources as you may find the answer here.


If you get really stuck you can always ask at using the tag:SciChart. However, please be advised our team is not obliged to answer questions.

Finally, if you do wish to upgrade to a support plan after purchasing a no-support license, please contact sales. We would be happy to quote this for you.

Why have we done this?

By far our biggest cost is tech-support, and we really put a lot of effort into it! You can read this article here which talks about just how many support-requests we resolve (hint: thousands) and the sorts of amazing feedback we get from customers – it really is encouraging to see our customers love what we do and rate us highly!

We’ve always prided ourselves on excelling at support, and we personally think its a very important part of what we do. However, the market is showing us that if we want to grow we need to consider no-support options, as they can allow us to scale at a rate we previously were not able to.

Finally ..

Finally, If you do have feedback about this option or want to ask a few questions, feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help.

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]


By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Oct 03, 2016
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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