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Announcing SciChart v3.1.0 Build 5013 Release


Announcing SciChart v3.1.0 Build 5013 Release

Announcing SciChart v3.1.0 Build 5013 Release

We are pleased to announce a Minor Update containing many important bug fixes to SciChart v3.1 – Build 5013. This is a Cumulative update with Features & Fixes which have already been deployed to the Nightly build, now packaged for full release for our customers.

It’s strongly recommended to update to this build, which is stable, if you are currently using v3.x

What’s New in v3.1.0.5013

Many many bug fixes, particularly to the DirectX renderer. For a full list, please see our Release Notes.

  • SC-2120 Rollover Order of Legend Items changes in v3.1 RolloverFeedback example
  • SC-2148 CreateMultiPaneStockCharts demo is really slow
  • SC-2187 VerticalLineAnnotation: problem with annotation label visibility
  • SC-2204 Fix for ToggleButtonExtensions memory leak.
  • SC-2204 Fix for Significant D3D memory leak
    • Leak when switching examples. Some examples were not disposing D3DRenderSurface
    • Leak in BaseRenderableSeries / DataSeriesUpdated event
    • Better handling of Loaded/Unloaded in SciChartSurfaceBase to prevent multiple loaded events subscribing and keeping classes in memory
    • Improvements in memory management of WPF Examples application
    • Unsubscribing to Touch.FrameReported event in Main Grid
    • TextureBrush.Dispose() was not calling _cachedTexture.Dispose for D3D Textures
    • Ensure all brushes/pens are disposed in using blocks, or cached brushes using Finalizer
  • SC-2206 VerticalStackedAxis: Wrong position of AxisMarker ( fixed wrong position of axis marker because of applying offset in coordinate calculator )
  • SC-2207 NullReferenceException during animation of VisibleRange ( added check if VisibleRange == null to prevent NullReferenceException during animation )
  • SC-2205 Fixed rollover issue: After disabling modifier tooltips remains on chart
  • SC-2208 Wrong bands colors when a series is zoomed deeply enough
  • SC-2178 Cursor Tooltip is shown if series is panned off the view port
  • SC-???? Added lock statements to FindClosestPoint, FindClosestLine(used during hit-test) to prevent crashes on series with large FIFO capacity
  • SC-2232 When resizing a chart on a window / form with many other controls, resize performance can be slow.
    • Added a throttle to the RenderSurfaceBase.
    • See RenderSurfaceBase.UseResizeThrottle, and ResizeThrottleMs properties
  • SC-???? Fixed issue with shifted ticks on an axis (Image.Stretch is set to “Fill”, but it requires some testing)
  • SC-???? Fixed hit-test operation on Bubbles. Fixed hit-test operation in case of unsorted data
  • SC-2252 D3D Handle when screen needs redrawing ( like after pc was in sleep mode ) or screen saver, to redraw the final source image to the front buffer again..
  • SC-???? Fixed the bug when a ViewportManager wasn’t notified when Render occurred on the parent surface
  • SC-???? Added missed overrides for OnSciChartSurfaceSizeChanged, OnDataContextChanged to the SciChartSurface class
  • SC-???? Fixed incorrect label values when category axis is zoomed in deeply enough
  • SC-???? Fixed the issue where the SeriesValueModifier threw when ParentSurface.Annotations was assigned to Null
  • SC-???? Possible fix for a printing issue (when a chart goes out of the printable area bounds)
  • SC-???? Added scrollbars visibility binding to the default style of the LegendModifier
  • SC-???? Added colour alpha blending for ellipse fill

Am I Eligible to Get It?

This build was cut on the 29th September 2014. If your support subscription is still active, you will be able to use it!

Ok Great! Where can I get it from!

Please head over to our Downloads page to get the latest installer. For the DLLs only, you can download these (or install) via our NuGet Feed. Source-code customers will be emailed with the source within the next 24 hours.


By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Oct 02, 2014
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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