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Support Policy

Support Policy

At SciChart, we pride ourselves on excellence in technical support and we want you to get a fast resolution to your requests.

In order to maintain an excellent level of service, as of May 2018, we have re-defined our support policy.

How valuable is the tech support from SciChart?

We honestly believe – very valuable! But don’t just take our word for it. Please see the feedback from so many of our customers about the excellent standards we try to have with our tech support.

Click to read reviews on our page ‘Why SciChart – World Class Tech Support’

Customers have told us that the excellent, world class tech support that we provide at SciChart has literally made the difference between a successful project and an unsuccessful one. It really is a valuable service and we strive to deliver excellence. So that we can keep delivering that level of service we have created this support policy.

What are the Support Options?

SciChart customers fall into one of two catagories, fully licensed up to date users with Priority support and trial customers/expired license holders without priority support. All Scichart packages come with at least 1-year Priority Support and Updates with the option to purchase longer terms at greater discounts.

If you require technical support, please find what is the best way and place to ask it in the flowchart below:


Here are handy links for you:

  • To Submit a ticket to support team, please go here.
  • To ask a question on StackOverflow with tag SciChart, please go here.
  • To ask a question on SciChart Forum, please go here.

How do I do “X” with SciChart Questions:

  • Say what version of SciChart you are using;
  • Say what you want to achieve (screenshots, videos or diagrams if possible);
  • Show what you have tried (code sample);
  • Please ask for advice on your question clearly and concisely.

Bug report:

  • Say what version of SciChart you are using;
  • Explain steps to reproduce, i.e. using our examples, or modifying one of our examples, or submitting your own code;
  • Say what you have tried (if applicable);
  • Do not put any proprietary information if you are sending it to bug-report at

Feature Requests

  • Feature requests should be submitted by using our new Feature Request System.
  • For more information on our Feedback Policy, please see

When will we say no?

In order to provide the best possible service to our valued customers, there are some times when we may have to say ‘no’ to you when requesting technical support.

Please read & understand the below, as these are some conditions where we will have to say no, and also some ways to turn a no into a yes!

1./ If your support is expired

If you don’t have an up to date support subscription, I’m sorry but we will have to say ‘no’ and won’t support you. This includes help on bug fixes, critical fixes, asking for help to implement things, or assistance with license & activation when your support is expired.

If you renew your support, or purchase support, we will happily say ‘yes’ to all of these requests!

2./ If the problem is not clearly defined

If you haven’t submitted a good question following our Question asking guidelines we may have to say ‘no’ to you, so that we can say ‘yes’ to customers who have provided clear definition of a problem, including code or steps to reproduce, version information and more.

We are more than happy to help you, so please define problems clearly so that we can say ‘yes’ and assist you much faster!

3./ If the problem is fixed in a later version of SciChart

If a bug is fixed or feature implemented in the latest version of SciChart, but you are using an older version of SciChart, we may have to say ‘no’ to supporting you until you are using the latest version.

By updating to the latest version of SciChart we are happy to say ‘yes’ and fix bugs and deliver them to you via our Nightly Build feed as soon as possible!

4./ If you’re really asking us to do custom work or add a feature

We are sorry but we may have to say ‘no’ if your support request asks us to do custom work, or if a support request creeps into an urgent feature request or support for an unsupported / unofficial feature.

We are very happy to say ‘yes’ to consultancy work where our engineers can build you custom features or enhancements for an hourly fee.

We are also happy to say ‘yes’ to feature requests that can be logged and voted for on our new Feature Request System.

We are also happy to say ‘yes’ to small / fast feature requests straight away, for example just adding a property or making a method virtual, however larger feature requests do have to go through our Feature Request System where they will be voted on.

5./ If you want us to implement performance enhancements or upgrade your project to a newer version

We’re sorry but performance enhancements and upgrades fall outside of Priority Support. We’re happy to investigate bugs and offer advice on how to use the SDK but we don’t offer consultancy or version upgrades through support.

However, we do offer these services on a paid per hour service to help you maximise your goals. If you’d like to discuss performance enhancement or hire us to help you upgrade to the newest version, please contact sales.

6./ If you want us to Skype you to assist

We are sorry but at the moment, we don’t provide support over Skype or Teamviewer. If you want us to skype you we will respectfully have to say ‘no’ unless the problem is really urgent and could affect a large number of users.

We are very happy to say ‘yes’ to assisting you over email, or, if you are a large & valued customer we can say ‘yes’ to including a number of pre-paid consultancy hours in the purchase contract so that you can get access to our team when you need it!

We are also considering adding higher levels of support including pre-paid one-to-one developer hours or remote (Skype/Teamviewer) support. If you are interested in this, please log a feature request!

7./ If you are rude to our staff 🙁

We should not need to say it, but there are some very rare incidents when customers are rude to our staff who are trying their best to deliver excellent quality support. Please try to be courteous when dealing with us and treat us as you’d expect to be treated. In return we will do our best to help you work with SciChart. Your success is our success!

8./ If you exceed fair use

In order to keep providing our legendary levels of technical support, we have instituted a fair-usage policy for our support services.

  • If your volume of tickets or requests exceeds 3x the average, we reserve the right to delay, de-prioritize or in some cases, end your tech support.
  • Professional and Source-Code customers will be prioritized over Trial.
  • Bugs and feature requests will be prioritized based on the number of users they affect. Critical or wide-reaching bugs will always be given immediate attention.

What does the Priority support Include?

  • Unlimited, private Support Tickets via our support-desk, subject to fair use
  • 24-hour response time (business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm UTC)
  • Request features via our support desk
  • Ask questions on our Forums

Finally, with these changes, we hope to align ourselves with industry standards while continuing to provide an excellent level of support/service which is well above what our competitors provide.

Best regards,
[SciChart Support]

By Julia Skorobogata | May 17, 2018
I contribute to the growth and development of SciChart, assisting my team with sales, marketing, and project management.

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