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// Welcome back!

… And just like that it’s September 2016. Where did the summer go? Or the year for that matter? It seems like time flies when you are having fun …

We hope that like us, you have had a wonderful break from work over the summer and are full of energy for the last four months of the year. So, welcome back to the office.

It’s time to get to work!

As a special welcome we would like to offer the following discounts off purchases in our store for new customers, or for existing customers purchasing additional licenses for their teams. You can find details about these below. Also a sneak into our immediate roadmaps at the bottom of the page.


// 10% Discount off WPF Products in Store

As a special welcome back to work, we are offering 10% discount on all WPF Products in the SciChart Store from noon today until 30th Sept when you use the following discount code:


This applies to new purchases and also additional license purchases if you are an existing customer of SciChart. It does not apply to renewals.

// 20% Discount off iOS/Android Products in Store

All iOS/Android products in the SciChart Store are discounted by 20% from noon today until 30th Sept when you use the following discount code:


This applies to new purchases and also additional license purchases if you are an existing customer of SciChart.

// How to apply a Discount Code

Simply enter the correct code above (e.g. for WPF or iOS/Android) when checking out on the last page before payment. Click ‘Update Coupon’. The system should reduce the price!


// Don’t forget!

All our licenses come with 1-year of support and updates, so if you do purchase SciChart licenses this September then you will be entitled to all the major & minor versions released in the coming year.

// What else are we cooking?

Releases planned in the near future include:

WPF (Release v4.2, due end Sept 2016)
  • Our hotly requested Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart support!
  • DiscontinousDateTimeAxis support
  • Improvements to SciChart 3D
iOS (Release v2.0, due end Sept 2016)
  • PaletteProvider (colouring bars or points or line segments individually)
  • Legend API support
  • Examples for customization of tooltip
  • Xamarin iOS bindings
Android (Release v2.0, due end Sept 2016)
  • Stacked Column / Mountain Series
  • Candlestick performance improvements (6x speedup for candlestick charts on Android)
  • Xamarin Android bindings

Future releases we can’t comment on (we need to keep our roadmap top-secret from prying eyes!) however we will say that we are working on improvements to all our platforms. Watch this space for future updates!


Best regards,
[SciChart Team]


Andrew Burnett-Thompson
Andrew Burnett-Thompson
CEO / Founder of SciChart & SciTrader. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.

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