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SciChart WPF Chart v3.3.1 Build 5924 Released


SciChart WPF Chart v3.3.1 Build 5924 Released

We are pleased to announce a Patch update to SciChart High Performance WPF Charts

v3.3.1 Build 5924 contains two fixes related to Licensing/Activation which were affecting a small subset of customers.

This builds upon our feature-packed v3.3 release last week. See SciChart WPF Chart v3.3 Build 5909 Released for details.

This release contains bug fixes only, should be backward compatible to SciChart v3.2.x, and it is safe and recommended to upgrade if you are experiencing one of the below issues. 

What’s New in v3.3.1.5924


  • SC-2575 Fixed a bug where users in some locales (e.g. Windows Region Spanish) cannot activate SciChart
  • SC-2568 Fixed a bug where some users cannot activate due to file-permissions on the target PC.
  • SC-2568 ActivationClient now reports client-side post-activation errors to LicensingWizard. Before they were ignored

Where to Get It

To get SciChart High Performance WPF Charts v3.3.1 please head over to our Downloads page, or, you can get the binaries alone at our Nightly Build page.

Note: We are not releasing a source-code version for v3.3.1 Build 5924 as it only includes changes to the Licensing code (stripped out of the source for security reasons). The latest source released is v3.3.0.5909 and if you are a source-customer you should have received it already. Contact us if not!

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Mar 09, 2015
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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