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SciChart WPF v5.4 released, plus v6.0-alpha with .NET Core 3 


SciChart WPF v5.4 released, plus v6.0-alpha with .NET Core 3 

We are pleased to announce the release of SciChart WPF v5.4, build 12119. This update includes a number of bug fixes, improvements, and new features requested by our customers. It is strongly advised for users of SciChart v5.x to upgrade to this version, which is a drop-in replacement. 

SciChart WPF v6.0-alpha with .NET Core 3 support is also released. 

What’s New in SciChart WPF v5.4?

At SciChart we have recently added a feedback and new features’ request system which helps us improve our communication with the customers. It seems to work great so far! We have had some very valuable interaction with our customers. This update includes features that have been requested by our user base! 

New features 

SciChart Waterfall 3D Color Brush Feature

This feature allows developers to change waterfall ‘Stroke’ color into a gradient brush and make 3D waterfall charts more readable.

Gradient BrushColorPalette used for coloring waterfall ‘Stroke’ property along Z-Axis

We’ve included a new page in our documentation showing how to apply gradient brush to the stroke or outline of Waterfall3D charts here. Gradient BrushColorPalette used for coloring waterfall ‘Stroke’ property along Z-Axis

Gradient BrushColorPalette used for coloring waterfall ‘Stroke’ property along Y-Axis

We are looking forward to hearing more from you. If you want to submit a feature request, please see how here.

SciChart v6.0 Alpha with .NET Core 3 Support

At the same time we have released SciChart v6.0.0-alpha with .NET Core 3 support. The .NET Core 3 SDK is in Preview right now and Microsoft plans to release this by September 2019. We have published v6.0.0-alpha binaries to our Nightly Build Feed on Nuget as well as source-code for a version of SciChart which supports both the .NET Framework 4.5.2 and up, plus .NET Core 3 SDK.

The features of v6.0.0-alpha are so far a complete mirror of v5.4.0, and we will be mirroring development in both branches, however, be aware that over the coming months we will be deploying new features to v6.0.0 alpha which may include breaking changes. As a result, this version is not recommended for production use, but is available as an early preview for customers who wish to move to .NET Core 3 as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to you to try it out and let us know your feedback! 

Bug Fixes 

About 30 bugs and minor issues have been addressed in v5.4 and included into 6.0-alpha. Bug fixes are shipped first in our nightly builds and are bundled up and tested for stable releases.

  1. Fixed: SC-4961 the issue when Annotations would set DataContext to Null in OnDetached,
  2. Fixed: SC-4960 AnnotationCreationModifierForMVVM requires 2 clicks for CustomAnnotations,
  3. Fixed: SC-4959 System.IndexOutOfRangeException after the attempt to clear the DataSeries and load a new one,
  4. Fixed: SC-4954 NullReferenceException when empty RenderableSeries and (LogarithmicNumericAxis as XAxis),
  5. Fixed: QNR-298-94133 Problem with Multiple 3D SurfaceMesh Series and AutoRange,
  6. Fixed ZoomPanModifier.ZoomExtentsY does not work for non-master chart surfaces,
  7. Fixed QNR-298-94133 issue with Multiple 3D SurfaceMesh Series and AutoRange,
  8. Fixed SC-4932 ZoomExtentsModifier ignores VisibleRangeLimit for XAxis set as LogarithmicNumericAxis,
  9. Fixed: SC-4929 CustomLabelProvider does not work in the LogarithmicNumericAxisViewModel,
  10. Fixed: SC-4924 Make PieChart paddings configurable,
  11. Fixed: SC-4927 Wrong calculation of major ticks,
  12. Fixed: SC-4511 AnnotationLabels cannot be added via Annotations MVVM API,
  13. Fixed: SC-4920 Heatmap charting performance difference using doubles vs float,
  14. Fixed: invalid Gradient Color Palette when created in code behind,
  15. Fixed: SC-4920 Investigate slow performance of Non-Uniform Heatmap when any type other than Double is used,
  16. Fixed: SC-4916 NonUniformHeatmap continues collapsing on ZoomExtents when x is Double,
  17. Fixed the issue when Hittest test cases would not fill the surface with series sometimes,
  18. Fixed: SC-4918 Polar Chart RolloverModifier Broken When using PolarXAxis Rotation Angle,
  19. Added improvements contributed by the customer for Annotation Modifier 3D,
  20. Fixed: SC-4888 Added color helper to generate random RGB colors. Code refactoring for related test cases,
  21. Fixed: the issue in the Hit-test test case when RenderSeries from previous runs weren’t cleared,
  22. Added Annotation Drag Modifier 3D,
  23. Fixed: SC-4892 Added test cases for many charts with multiple axes,
  24. Fixed: SC-4890 Improved multiple chart test cases: zooming and panning, zoom history manager,
  25. Fixed: dependency order in DotNetCore source solution. Fixes deployment of 3D Source script removing some files needed in twister/model/obj,
  26. Fixed: the 3DChartScatterSeriesOnWalls example camera aware,
  27. Added example to show drawing of scatter series on 3d chart axis walls,
  28. Fixed: RubberBandXyZoomModifier incorrect behavior with the rotated polar chart,
  29. Fixed: SC-4890  issue with reading .csv values for custom culture,
  30. Fixed: SC-4909  the issue when AxisMarkerAnnotation reset the AnnotationCanvas property, added the FormattedValue property to AxisMarkerAnnotationViewModel; cleared code for AxisMarkerAnnotationViewModel.
  31. Fixed: DirectXHelper.TryApplyDirectXRenderer now only applies DirectX when not in the Visual Studio designer, to avoid the DLLNotFoundException of SharpDX dlls reported by our users. 

What else are we working on? 

We are making some pretty major improvements internally to SciChart as well as continuing to work on our cross-platform 2D & 3D Charts for iOS, Android and in the future Mac OSX and Web. You can find out more about our current roadmap & progress, plus suggest a feature or vote on a featur-request over at

The SciChart Roadmap is constantly updating. Visit our Features Request portal at or click on the ‘Request a Feature’ button to find out more

Where to Get SciChart WPF? 

We plan to support both versions at the same time now, SciChart WPF v5.4 stable and ScichartWPF v6.0.0-alpha.

Both versions WPF 5.4 and WPF v6.0 are available from:

Please ensure you uninstall the previous version(s) of SciChart before installing the latest version as this can prevent some issues in the upgrade process!


Best regards,
The SciChart team

By Julia Skorobogata | Jun 12, 2019
I contribute to the growth and development of SciChart, assisting my team with sales, marketing, and project management.

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