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SciChart iOS/Android Features Survey

Update!! Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey! Overall the most feedback received was that users wanted to see better documentation, examples and customisationĀ guides for […]

Should we ship iOS Chart examples in ObjectiveC? Or just Swift?

// Are Objective C Examples Useful? We have a question for our iOS Charts userbase about whether we should be supporting ObjectiveC and Swift, or just […]

Should we be supporting Silverlight?

Since Microsoft announced the end-of-life for Silverlight in 2012, support for this platform has waned. We are still supporting Silverlight for a number of reasons, but […]

Support 2.0: How we arrived at an Awesome Hybrid Support System

March 2012: The beginning I don’t want to read this… Just take me to the video A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, […]