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SciChart v3.1 in QA (Test Phase) before Release


A quick update for our users. SciChart v3.1 is in QA (Test Phase) and is about to be released. A full release note with code-samples for new features will be put on the site at once the release has gone out.

As a heads up, this is what we’ve done for v3.1 which you will be able to get soon!


  • New RolloverTooltip Trigger behaviours to control when rollovers are shown
    • E.g. Show on hover, always, mouse over, mouse leave etc…
  • Rollover and Rollover Legend has been integrated natively to SciStockChart
  • Labels / Rollover Tooltips are now configurable via DataTemplates
  • SciChart Legend has been integrated to the LegendModifier, allowing for easy addition of a legend to a chart
  • Ability to dock a legend inside a SciChartSurface and simplifying legend placement
  • Added SeriesMarkers (point markers) inside a legend per item
  • SeriesValueModifier is improved, now shows the latest series value in a viewport and dims the marker if the user has scrolled back in time
  • Resize Grips now stylable on Annotations
  • VisibleRange Anchoring – you can now anchor one end of a VisibleRange in AutoRange, e.g. allow chart to AutoRange VisibleRange.Max, but set VisibleRange.Min always zero.

Bug Fixes

  • RenderableSeries.IsSelected property binding issues
  • HitTest and Visibility issues
  • MultiPane Stock Charts Zoom Extents button doesn’t work
  • Some bug fixes when mixing ChartModifiers – one doesn’t react when it should
  • Resize problem in Multi Pane Stock Charts when resizing panes
  • Various crash bugs and exceptions, helpful exception messages added
  • LabelFormatter / Printing Tutorials now up to date with samples

Refactor of Non-Public API in Progress

As part of our work towards exciting new directions in SciChart we are refactoring the code-base. For instance, SciChartSurface now inherits SciChartSurfaceBase and ISciChartSurfaceBase, IRenderableSeries now inherits IRenderableSeriesBase, IChartModifier now inherits IChartModifierBase.

Q: If I get a compilation error in v3.1 and it sounds like the above, what should I do? 

Simply contact support. We don’t have enough test-data to check all of our non-public API still compiles with the variety of applications out there, but any breakages we are happy to fix for those in support-period.

Q: Why are you doing this? 

All will be revealed! We are working towards exciting new directions in SciChart and this requires refactoring some of the code at a deep level to share more code between SciChart and our new adventure.


By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Jun 09, 2014
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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