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SciChart v3.2 Build 5298 BETA 2 Released (MSI Installer)


SciChart v3.2 Build 5298 BETA 2 Released (MSI Installer)

We are pleased to announce a BETA MSI Installer of SciChart v3.2 Build 5298! So many people are waiting on this, that we’ve decided to get this build to you today. Head over to to get it!

We need brave SciChart early-adopters to download the v3.2.5298 Installer and tell us if they are able to install it and activate their license, according to instructions at

Once we get the feedback that the new licensing mechanism works, we will polish it up and package the full release. If we don’t get any feedback, we will cry, and be very very upset…



What’s New in SciChart v3.2?

You can see a rundown of what’s new and improved in the article
SciChart v3.2 Now In Beta

SciChart v3.2 is a big step from v3.1 both internally and externally so don’t let the minor version increment dissuade you from trying it out!

New Documentation Updated

We have created a host of new FAQs and documentation to cover the new features in SciChart v3.2! Take a look at the list below. There are also some more on the way!

  1. Stack Columns Vertically, Horizontally and 100%
  2. Scrollbars API
  3. Polar Charts API
  4. Custom Theme API
  5. How to Center an Axis on the Chart
  6. CustomRenderableSeries API Overview – creating your own custom renderable series
  7. Creating a Custom Spline Line RenderableSeries – uses the CustomRenderableSeries API to create a Spline Line
  8. Rollover Tooltip Templating – an in-depth look at the RolloverModifier API
  9. SeriesInfo API Overview – background info for the RolloverModifier documentation
  10. SciChart Legend API Overview – an in-depth view at the SciChart Legend API
  11. Legend Templating – customising the look & feel of the legend
  12. Custom Legend Tutorial – demonstrating a legend with color picker, show/hide point-markers and more
  13. Does SciChart support Technical Indicators – an FAQ
  14. Drawing Custom Axis Bands – using our RenderContext to draw bands on weekends fast & efficiently
  15. Adding Color to a NumericAxis – an FAQ on how to style the axis itself



Licensing Amnesty – Special Offer!

SciChart is licensed per-developer. Our terms & conditions haven’t changed, but in v3.2, our licensing mechanism has changed.

As of SciChart v3.2 anyone who compiles and debugs code that references SciChart DLLs will be required to one-time activate the license against our licensing server.

Only developers need to be activated. The definition of developer is here. Testers (who just run the code) and build servers are exempt. If you don’t activate, you won’t be able to work with SciChart v3.2 inside Visual Studio. Runtime users are unaffected (we still have Royalty free redistribution, perpetual licensing).

Discounts for adding more licenses

If you are an existing customer of SciChart and you would like to add more licenses, we will be happy to give you a loyalty discount on the list price. Please contact-sales with your current SciChart OrderID, how many licenses you need and we will get back to you asap.



Got Feedback?

We really need to know if our new licensing mechanism works behind corporate firewalls and around the internet. If you install it, try to activate using your serial key, and let us know how successful it was. You can see full instructions at If you don’t have a serial key and you think you should, get in contact and we’ll sort it out.

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]



By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Nov 13, 2014
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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