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SciChart v3.3.2 Build 6026 Released


SciChart v3.3.2 Build 6026 Released

We are pleased to announce a Patch update to SciChart High Performance WPF Charts

v3.3.2 Build 6026 contains fixes which you have reported over the past few weeks.

This builds upon our feature-packed v3.3 release month. See SciChart WPF Chart v3.3 Build 5909 Released for details.

This release contains bug fixes only, should be backward compatible to SciChart v3.2.x, and it is safe and recommended to upgrade if you are experiencing one of the below issues. 

What’s New in v3.3.2.6026


Related to reported issues in DataDistributionCalculator (which calculates if DataSeries is sorted, or evenly spaced, required by SciChart internally for correct resampling, indexing algorithms), we have added an override where the calling code can specify the data distribution entirely.

If you are sure your data will always be sorted, you can use this code:

var distributionCalculator = new UserDefinedDistributionCalculator()
    IsEvenlySpaced = true, // Optionally tell SciChart your data is always evenly spaced in X
    IsSortedAscending = true, // Optionally tell SciChart your data is always Sorted ascending in X
var dataSeries = new XyDataSeries<double, double>();

// Tells SciChart to use user-provided flags and stop calculating sorted/evenly spaced on data append
// This will save about 30% of the time to append data, but MUST ONLY BE USED
// if the flags specified are correct and not changing 
dataSeries.DataDistributionCalculator = distributionCalculator;


  • SC-2587 NEW DataDistribution Calculators for List (non FIFO) types now correctly calculate DataSeries.IsSorted and IsEvenlySpaced under conditions of Insert, Remove, Clear, InsertRange + many many unit tests.FIFO still uses the old Data Distribution Calcs which have some errors / crashes in *some* conditions only e.g. full replace of FIFO buffer incorrectly updates the Sorted, Unsorted data flags, but normal operation under most conditions. Known issue, should be worked on in future.
  • SC-2590 LogAxis calculates incorrect maximum range if series contains 0 value ( Changed previous fix to provide correct range when replace numeric axis on log axis in runtime – added GetYRange overload with getPositiveRange flag; changed tests )
  • SC-2568 ActivationClient now reports client-side post-activation errors to LicensingWizard. Before they were ignored
  • SC-2600 Rendering chart in memory – Annotations aren’t visible(fixed regression made in r5841 – restored simulation of loaded event for annotations to place annotations on chart; added unit test)
  • SC-2597 Null check in one file – AnnotationCreationModifier.IsEnabledChanged
  • SC2436 Fixed the bug where RenderableSeries.Clean() caused wrong rendering (series left attached)
  • SC-2580 Incorrect drawing of 100% series ( fixed incorrect drawing because of rounding in AccumulateYValueAtX which was added to fix)
  • SC-2310: removed rounding, changed calculation of yValue to prevent loss of precision when there is one column in group, removed GetScaleCoefficient method to optimize calculations a bit, added and fixed unit tests
  • SC-2578 GetCurrentCoordinateCalculator returns null before chart has rendered and does not update until render. Coordinate calculators are now recreated every time you call this method, so do cache them if need be.
  • SC-2579 OnBeginRenderPass crashes when called before chart has loaded

Where to Get It

To get SciChart High Performance WPF Charts v3.3.2 please head over to our Downloads page, or, you can get the binaries alone at our Nightly Build page.

Note: We are not releasing a source-code version for v3.3.2 Build 6026 as it only includes bug fixes, however, if you need it as you are compiling from source please contact us and we would be glad to provide a build. The latest source released is v3.3.0.5909 and if you are a source-customer you should have received it already. Contact us if not!

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Apr 01, 2015
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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