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SciChart WPF v4.0.1 Build 8001 Released


SciChart WPF v4.0.1 Build 8001 Released

We are pleased to announce a Minor Update to the SciChart WPF SDK v4: SciChart WPF v4.0.1 Build 8001.

This release contains several critical bug fixes and it is recommended for all users of SciChart WPF v4 to update. We are now following semantic versioning and v4.0.1 is backwards compatible to v4.0.0. It is not backward compatible to v3.x. For this you will need to see our migration guide

What’s New in v4.0.1.8001?


  • Fixed crash in SciChart3D if D3DCompiler_43.dll is not present on target machine
  • Fixed intermitted AccessViolationException crash in SciChart3D which occurs on switching example.
  • Fixed a bug in SciChart3D where SurfaceMesh was occassionally drawn incorrectly on first draw only
  • Fixed PointLine 3D and Column 3D Chart examples still crash on fast switching of example
  • Fixed a bug where SciChart.UpdaterTool wouldn’t work in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where SciChart.UpdaterTool hit the wrong NuGet server, not getting latest DLLs.
  • Fixed several licensing & activation issues, including:
    • Chart showing Trial Watermark even after developer license is activated.
    • Chart showing incorrectly warnings such as mismatch in Runtime Key when SC-WPF-PRO or SC-SRC runtime key used.
    • Now possible to have a Trial Extension for a 3D or SDK product when already activated as a 2D product
  • Fixed several SciChart v4 Examples not compiling after export
  • Fixed SciChart v4 Examples Source-code doesn’t compile in the installer
  • Fixed the mismatch between File and Assembly Version info e.g. Assembly Version 4.0.1 was File Version 4.01, now 4.0.1.


  • Added a property to SciChartSurface.ShowLicensingWarnings. Set to false to hide red licensing warnings in the top right of the SciChartSurface.
  • Improved behaviour and usability of the DataPointSelectionModifier
  • Added a row to the SciChart Licensing Wizard to show you the underlying Trial Status if you are activated on a 2D product. This can assist with understanding Activated on 2D, Trialing 3D combinations.
  • Added new example ‘Waterfall Chart’ to the SciChart WPF v4 Examples Suite
  • Added Version/Build information to Examples Suite Settings page.
  • Added tooltips all over the Licensing Wizard to explain what the various bits mean!
  • [Internal to our Build] Added 75 end-to-end Integration Tests to cover all SciChart Licensing & Activation cases. Hopefully those pesky licensing issues will never rear their head again.

Where to get it!

The usual places: Downloads page, NuGet and Github!

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]



By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Feb 03, 2016
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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