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SciChart v3.4.2 Build 6778 Released


SciChart v3.4.2 Build 6778 Released

We are pleased to announce a Minor update to SciChart High Performance WPF Charts: SciChart v3.4.2 Build 6778.

This builds upon our feature-packed v3.3 and v3.4 releases over the last few months. See our Latest Releases Category for details of our releases.

This release contains several critical bug fixes and it is strongly recommended to upgrade if you are using SciChart v3.x. Since v3.2, we are now following semantic versioning and this should be backward compatible to SciChart v3.2, v3.3 and v3.4, and it is safe and recommended to upgrade subject to testing your application.

What’s New in v3.4.2.6778?


      1. SC-2840 Added a temporary workaround for the issue where RenderSurface size was constantly growing. This was the root cause of several issues including annotations in the wrong location, tooltips clipped at the right side of the viewport
      2. SC-2838 ExportToBitmapSource() is not on ISciChartSurface interface
      3. SC-2823 Unable to format FastHeatmapRenderableSeries cell labels (Workaround – via FormatLabel method override)
      4. SC-2821 MouseWheelZoomModifier Scroll doesn’t work if axis is collapsed
      5. SC-2820 Minor Improvements to Scatter Chart performance in High Speed renderer.
        • Small change to IPointMarker, now has a Begin() and End() method which signifies the start and end of a batch.
        • BasePointMarker.AntiAliasing property added, default binds to XyScatterRenderableSeries.AntiAliasing.
        • XyScatterRenderableSeries.AntiAlisiasing default FALSE
        • Result: EllipsePointMarker = 50% faster, CrossPointMarker = 50% faster, Triangle, Square = 100% faster
      6. SC-2816 Fixed an issue with a crash during tick labels rendering because of inherited DataContext
      7. SC-2797 Fixed a bug with too large RenderSurface if under some surface’s configurations
      8. SC-2814 NullReferenceException in XAML designer if LabelProvider is null
      9. SC-2812 Fixed the issue when modifiers throw if there were several X axes with IsPrimaryAxis=”True”
      10. SC-2808 Cannot bind to MouseWheelZoomModifier.XyDirection due to DependencyProperty Precedence issue
      11. SC-2807 Fixed the annotation label binding when AxisId gets changed on the parent annotation
      12. SC-2792 Polar Chart wrong ranges with collapsed axes
      13. SC-2804 Add polygon clipping for BandSeries (incorrect rendering when polygon was partially outside of the viewport)
      14. SC-2801 Fixed first PointMarker is not drawn after one or more NaN
      15. SC-2798 When AnnotationBase.XAxisId or YAxisId is invalid, an exception is thrown which prevents all rendering. Instead, we have added RenderPassInfo.Warnings which is a List which can be populated at any time during rendering and will be displayed in the output window when SciChartSurface.DebugWhyDoesntSciChartRender = true
      16. SC-2788 Fixed the issue with NullReferenceException thrown if MouseEventGroup used on Collapsed surfaces.
      17. SC-2789 Fixed the issue with incorrect behaviour of Horizontal/VerticalLineAnnotations in case of a vertical chart.
      18. SC-2785 The TickCoordinates structure has been made public with all its members
      19. SC-2768 Fixed animation interference e.g. when Zooming then Zooming to Extents immediately after, animations conflict
      20. SC-2781 Fixed the issue where minor grid lines had not been shown with MajorDelta set and zoomed in between two major ticks
      21. SC-2775 Fixed the bug with the ThemeManager.ThemeApplied event constantly firing during redraw.
      22. SC-2774 Fixed Regression bug: Log(0) incorrect drawing with LogarithmicAxis
      23. SC-2770 Small change to Heatmap2DArrayDataSeries to ensure all implementations of XValues, YValues return the same results
      24. SC-2714 Bug in SciChartScrollbar: restored deleted fix – viewport overlaps left resizing grip
      25. SC-2770 Heatmap2DArrayDataSeries does not correctly implementing IDataSeries.YValues
      26. SC-2769 Fixed the initialization of TickProvider, added unit tests
      27. SC-2764 Prevented rendering of a surface is not visible; prevented drawing of axis if not visible
      28. Added DirectXHelper.cs class which uses an attached property to create directx renderer or fallback to software (HQ). This is also referenced in the article
      29. SC-2761 Fixed StackedColumnsSeries doesn’t work with a logarithmic YAxis
      30. SC-2760 Fixed regression bug VerticalLineAnnotation isn’t displayed if axis is collapsed
      31. SC-2750 Fixed tiny 1-pixel gaps in line series when using the DirectX Renderer plugin
      32. SC-2740 Fixed StackedColumns throw during rendering when some series are outside the viewport

Where can I get it?

To get SciChart High Performance WPF Charts v3.4.2 please head over to our Downloads page, or, you can get the binaries alone at our Nightly Build page. Source-code customers in support will be emailed shortly with an update. You can find the Source-code URL in the License Certificate email that you receive!

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Aug 05, 2015
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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