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SciChart iOS, macOS, and Android SDK v4.2 Released!

SciChart iOS, macOS, and Android SDK v4.2 Released!

We are pleased to announce that the SciChart iOS, macOS, and Android v4.2, has now been released!  There is a new feature, a number of improvements, memory leaks and critical bugs fixed. It is recommended for all users of SciChart to update to the latest version! Please see more information below.

What is new in SciChart v4.2

New Series Value Modifier Feature

In the new version of SciChart iOS, macOS and Android we have added an often requested by users in Financial and Trading feature, the SeriesValueModifier. This is a modifier that displays the last series value as a marker on the YAxis. This modifier automatically creates one marker per series and places it at the series latest Y-Value on the Y axis.

This helps you to know what the latest value is no matter where you panned the screen to.

See: iOS and macOS series value modifier example and
Android series value modifier example.

The application distribution issue with macOS BigSur and XCode 12 fixed

From this version following Apple, we have bumped the minimum supported iOS version to 9. Everything worked well until macOS BigSur and XCode 12 were released. With that many of our users reported that they were unable to distribute theirs apps through the AppStore. This has been fixed now!

Read more in the blog article: XCFramework. XCode 12 and BigSur issues.

Bug fixes and improvements

SciChart Android:

  • SC_DROID-797: Fixed isHitPointValid() check which was preventing showing of tooltip beyond data bounds of series
  • SC_DROID-796: Fixed PieSegmentSelectionModifier selectedSegmentStyle doesn’t work
  • Fixed 3D text on Android
  • SC_DROID-794: Fixed incorrect rendering of point markers in OpenGL – added switching of blending mode when rendering sprites to fix this
  • SC_DROID-791: Fixed overriding of MajorTickLineLength by ThemeProvider
  • Fixed differences in the rendering of texture brush in canvas vs OpenGL surfaces
  • Added per primitive rendering of triangles in canvas RenderContext
  • Added per primitive triangle strips rendering for OpenGL surface
  • Implemented ISuspendable for data series
  • Fixed bug in adding observers for ObservableCollection which pass equals check, but actually are different objects
  • Fixed crash of demo application in landscape mode – added missing ids into XML layout
  • Removed usage of ButterKnife in all examples since it’s now deprecated and replaced it with ViewBinding
  • Updated project to Android plugin v4.1; updated third-party libs used for testing and in demo app

SciChart iOS / macOS:

  • SCIOS-1048: Fixed crash when place Legend manually on iOS12
  • SCIOS-1050: Changed hit checks for line series to provide correct line search for isHit check;
  • SCIOS-1051: Fixed attaching/detaching first hitProvider in SCICompositeHitProvider
  • SCIOS-1049: Fixed missing layoutMargin setter
  • SCIOS-1042: Fixed SCIPieSegmentSelectionModifier selectedSegmentStyle doesn’t work
  • Fixed a bunch of memory leaks in SciChart.framework as well as in some examples in demo application.
  • SCIOS-1039: Fixed placing Legend outside the Chart or SCIChartLegend manual placement (added helper methods to add/remove legend)

SciChart both iOS/ macOS and Android:

  • Fixed heatmap border issue
  • Improved fonts quality, using mipmaps with font textures and forcing a minimum texture size
  • Added texture mapping properties for mountain chart
  • Added getCategoryXRange() method into IRenderableSeries to provide correct DataRange calculations for category axis in case of using series that doesn’t require additional space (line, mountain vs candlestick, column)

Where to get SciChart iOS / macOS / Android v4.2?

You can get SciChart iOS, macOS and Android from Downloads pages.

Separately you will need to download the Cross Platform Licensing Wizard, required to activate and license SciChart Mobile SDK v3

In addition, our example code is published to Github and is available to clone or download.

If your support has expired, Please contact sales asap to get a custom quote.

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]

By Julia Skorobogata | Jan 18, 2021
I contribute to the growth and development of SciChart, assisting my team with sales, marketing, and project management.

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