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SciChart visits the Palace!

SciChart visits the Palace!
Founder & co-Founder of SciChart Andrew & Adina Burnett-Thompson outside Buckingham Palace

Yesterday, representatives from SciChart, High Performance Realtime Charts attended a Royal Reception at Buckingham Palace in the presence of H.R.H Prince Charles, in honour of the winners of the Queens Awards for Enterprise.

We are honoured to be part of this prestigious award & for SciChart to be selected as a winner in the Innovation Category, 2019.

To hear more about our story, staff and the award win, please see our press release: SciChart wins coveted Queens Award for Enterprise, Innovation 2019.

Press release: SciChart wins the Queens Award


SciChart featured in the Queens Award Magazine 2019

SciChart features in the 2019 Queens Award Magazine

SciChart Ltd features in the Queens Award Magazine, 2019. The full excerpt of the publiciation is found below.

Founded in 2010, SciChart Designs, developers & sells a software component to businesses and enterprises to draw fast, visually-appealing graphs, graphics and visualisations for the scientific, medical, financial and engineering industries.

Drawing upon his experience as a software consultant from investment banking to scientific research, director and software architect Dr Andrew Burnett-Thompson identified the need for faster graphics and visualisation in business applications in order to quickly display the large amount of data that scientific or financial firms generate.

SciChart’s game-changing innovation was to combine proprietary data resampling algorithms and technology from the gaming industry for speed and performance of graphics with enterprise software applications. This resulted in a software library able to draw charts, graphs and other visualisations many orders of magnitude faster than competitors.

SciChart is published in the Queens Award Magazine, 2019.

As a result, SciChart’s software opened up new markets for its clients, allowing them to create previously impossible projects, where competitor charting software was simply too slow to be usable.

SciChart’s software is now used by all kinds of industries that require fast, real-time, big-data charts, graphs or visualisation on Windows desktop, mobile or embedded systems. Example end-user applications include visualisation of tumour imaging data in cutting-edge cancer research, tracking Formula-1 vehicle parameters during races, analysing real-time financial data for making trading decisions, and providing the charts and graphs for bespoke low-cost ECG devices used in the developing world.

In each of the above examples, SciChart’s fast, real-time charts and graphs enabled customers to bring to market cutting-edge new innovations at a fraction of the cost and time of developing the graphics software themselves. As a result, SciChart has grown organically from a single-person company to a small business with just under 20 full-time staff, with thousands of customers worldwide – and all without outside investment or debt, overtaking established competitors with larger resources. SciChart has secured a position as ‘Best in class’ for charting and graphics software, and continues to innovate, driving performance improvements and supporting new platforms and features, helping its customers to conquer new sectors and drive market share.


Our Commitment to you

We believe that in order to be great, we need to serve our customers well and continue to do what we have been doing so far, for a long time to come.

Our commitment to you in 2019 and beyond is to continue to deliver excellence in the areas of WPF, iOS & Android (mobile) 2D & 3D charts, but also to continue to drive innovation in new areas.

Andrew Burnett-Thompson and Adina Burnett-Thompson, founder and co-founder of SciChart at the Queens Award Buckingham Palace reception, 2019
Andrew & Adina at the Queens Awards 2019 Royal Reception

Later this year we will be releasing some major updates to the SciChart SDK as well as continuing to innovate our cross-platform 2D & 3D graphics engine in order to support our current & future products.

Keep an eye on our Roadmap (on the Features request system) as this will tell you where we are taking the product…

We are grateful for our customers who have supported us, some since the very beginning when we started as a small family-owned independent business (Note: we are still family-owned & independent!).

Finally, we believe, for SciChart, the best is yet to come!

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Jun 12, 2019
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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