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SciChart WPF v3.5.0 Build 7128 Released


SciChart WPF v3.5.0 Build 7128 Released

We are very pleased to announce another Minor update to SciChart High Performance WPF Charts

This release contains several critical bug fixes and some minor features. Since v3.2, we are now following semantic versioning and this should be backward compatible to SciChart v3.2, v3.3 and v3.4, and it is safe and recommended to upgrade subject to testing your application.

What’s New in v3.5.0.7128?

New / Improved

  1. SC-2950 Added ability to customize SciChartOverview via RenderableSeriesType, RenderableSeriesStyle properties. Usage Example:



  2. SC-2923 Enabled SciChartScrollBar to work on the XAxis or YAxis where FastHeatmapRenderableSeries is used
  3. SC-2875 Enabled SciChartOverview to work with FastHeatmapRenderableSeries. This is achieved by the following code:



  4. SC-2912 FastHeatmapRenderableSeries tooltip always interpolates X and Y value. Added the abilty to obey UseInterpolation flag from RolloverModifier and Hit-Test API
  5. SC-2047 Added Direct3D10RenderSurface.UseAlternativeFillSource. When true, uses the Direct3D10Image.FillSourceRDP method always (usually used only when Remote Desktop enabled). This resolves some compatibility issues with the DirectX renderer on certain hardware
  6. SC-2922 Added property TextAlignment to TextAnnotation serialization
  7. SC-2921 Added properties BorderThickness, FontWeight, FontStyle to AnnotationBase serialization
  8. SC-3030 Improved installer theme and usability, outputting one .exe instead of two MSI’s (one of which failed to work)
  9. [No Issue] We now package and distribute .NET 4.6, 4.5 and 4.0 Assemblies with the installer and with NuGet


  1. SC-3040 Fixed regression issue introduced in nightly build where Direct3D10RenderSurface could not be instantiated
  2. SC-3036 Fixed a large semi-transparent gray rectangle on the polar chart in some instances
  3. SC-3047 SciChartSurface that was never Loaded in the Visual Tree causes a memory leak
  4. SC-3041 Fixed an exception in Heatmap series Hit Test (used by rollovermodifier) in some instances
  5. SC-3043 Fixed an OutOfMemoryException which occurred when using LogarithmicNumericAxis for the YAxis and several series types, including FastColumnRenderableSeries , FastImpulseRenderableSeries
  6. SC-2992 IndexOutOfRangeException in DataSeries.get_YRange when scrollbar, empty fifo series used, caused by ArrayOperations.MinMax throwing if array length is zero
  7. SC-2980 Forcing InvariantCulture in parsing of all X1,X2,Y1,Y2 annotations from XAML
  8. SC-2980 Annotations with RelativeCoordinates do not display when machine locale has numbers in 123.456,00 format
  9. SC-2954 Fixed the issue with shifted annotation labels when axes are stacked. Also fixes the issue when Vertical/HorizontalLineAnnotation throws if AxisId isn’t set.
  10. SC-2773 Fixed the bug with ticks on PolarChart turned inwards
  11. SC-2944 Added ability to format SeriesValueModifier AxisMarkers by overriding SeriesValueModifier.FormatMarkerText method
  12. SC-2935 MouseManager.MouseEventGroup binding fails if DataContext set after SciChartSurface.Loaded
  13. SC-2927 AxisBase.DefaultAxisId constant is lost during obfuscation/deployment of scichart, leading to multiple issues related to AxisID not found etc…
  14. SC-2926 Incorrect startup range when XyDataSeries.TX=Int, Float (not double) and FastColumnRenderableSeries is used
  15. SC-2919 Memory leak when changing DataSeries on FastHeatmapRenderableSeries / and using SciChartOverview or Scrollbar
  16. SC-2920 Heatmap Series repeatedly throws exceptions in a loop when Scrollbar/Overview added, causing a performance problem when rendering
  17. SC-2918 Setting multiple YAxes before Annotations causes a NullReferenceException in AnnotationBase
  18. SC-2915 WPF Designer crashes when LineAnnotation is added with AxisId
  19. SC-2910 BorderThickness is not serialized in Annotations
  20. SC-2788 Further check for ParentSurface.IsVisible in ChartModifierBase.CanReceiveMouseEvents() to prevent crashes when scrolling or zooming charts linked by MouseEventGroup that are not visible
  21. SC-2906 AxisBase.Scroll crashes if chart surface is linked via MouseEventGroup to another chart but not shown
  22. SC-2904 Performance severely degraded in v3.2, 3.3, 3.4 vs. v3.1 when adding thousands of RenderableSeries to a SciChartSurface
  23. {No Issue} Small change to EEGChannelsDemo to reduce FPS dropouts and stutter

Where can I get it?

To get SciChart High Performance WPF Charts v3.5 please head over to our Downloads page, or, you can get the binaries alone at our Nightly Build page.
Source-code customers in support will be emailed shortly with an update. You can find the Source-code URL in the License Certificate email that you receive!

SciChart Source-Code via GitHub (BETA!)

We are building a new Nightly-Build deployment to Git-Hub for source-code customers!

If you are a SciChart Source-Code customer and you would like access to the repository while we prepare the repository, just email us with your GitHub username and we can grant access!

Clone SciChart WPF Source via git or SVN clients!
By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Oct 01, 2015
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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