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SciChart WPF v4.2.2 Build 9777 Released!


SciChart WPF v4.2.2 Build 9777 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of SciChart v4.2.2 Build 9777. This is a minor update which contains many critical bug fixes and minor improvements. It is strongly advised for users of SciChart v4.x to upgrade to this version, which is a drop-in replacement.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible, and as a result, we continue to update and improve our popular WPF Charts components!


What’s New in v4.2.2?

Critical Bug Fixes
  • Updated Installer to force upgrade / uninstall of old version of scichart when installing 4.2.2. Fixes issue where SciChart Licensing Wizard crashes after install when a previous version was installed
  • Added some lock(SyncRoot) to public methods on DataSeries where getting indices range, or getting Y Range. Prevents race conditions and crashes.
  • SC-3946 VerticalLineAnnotation. ShowLabel crashing issue. Fix for Null reference exception in MouseDown event in a AnnotationLabel. fix for “disappearing proper Labels in VerticalLineAnnotation”
  • SC-3918 Fixed 3D VertexSelectionModifier crashes in some cases
  • Fix for memory leak in series binding (Ticket “Releasing Heatmap2DArrayDataSeries from memory”)
  • Test for releasing memmory when Collection is changing in Series biding.
  • Test for memory leak in Series binding caused by unsubscribing from ParentSurface event.
  • SC-3862 On Finalize of SciChartSurface in an ItemTemplate, you get occassional ‘Element has already has a logical parent. It must be detached from the old parent before it is attached to a new one’ error. Stopped removing Axis from SciChartSurface in Unloaded handler in Finalizer . SuspendUpdates around UpdateLayout() in PrepareSurfaceForExport stops exceptions thrown/caught in export
  • SC-3857 Fixed the issue when LogAxis threw if VisibleRange contained NaNs (
Other Bug Fixes
  • Added fix for Axis.TitleStyle with DataTemplate when exporting;
  • SC-3937 Dev Mode: add “Export to…” option to the Toolbar for testing purposes
  • SC-3958 Fixed the issue with points selection when selection rect goes outside the window bounds (
  • SC-3943 Fixed the issue with setting the Content property of CustomAnnotation to a non-UI element; added a test(
  • SC-3924 “Stacked Columns Side by Side”: rollover marker doesn’t appear. Added new control template and a style. Modified converter so that he can handle null values, we need this for GradientsBrush
  • SC-3926 Rollover/Cursor/Tooltip wrong tooltip for the last point in a digital series
  • SC-3199 Fixed “Create Custom Theme” example – no render series appear. because of Freeze AttachedProperty we can not create a modifieble copy of brush for XAML renderer
  • SC-3929 Fixed SelectionOffset issue in pie/donut charts
  • SC-3920 Fixed the “Using Tooltip Modifier Tooltips” example (
  • Fixed Legend PointMarker disappearing after export issue;
  • SC-3913 Fixed the issue when BoxPlotSeries doesn’t draw well on a vertical chart; added default fill brush for BoxPlotSeries; added lines clipping to the XAML RenderContext; added visual tests
  • Fixed legendModifier horizontalvertical scrollbars visibility when exporting
  • Fixed draw text with YAxis.FlipCoordinate = false;
  • SC-3671 Fixed VerticalAlignment Top and Center issue in VerticalLineAnnotation. Added checking if anchors dataPoint are NaN. The same was done for HorizontalLineAnnotation
  • Added a test when all values are the same, autorange does not calculate an invalid range
API Improvements
  • Made AttachAnnotation/DetachAnnotation methods virtual in the CompositeAnnotation class to allow overidding the default behavior(see the ticket #PLL-483-27180);
  • Code refactoring. Added a possibility to override Modifier action when a specific Modifier Key is pressed.
  • SC-3934 Fixed the issue when MajorDelta,MinorDelta bindings get broken (or not updated) after changing AutoTicks. (
  • Fixed LegendModifier.Legend ScrollBarVisibility issues and binding errors
  • Supply correct error message in AxisCollection.GetAxisById() when more than one, or no axis exists with ID
  • SC-3859 ISciChartSurfaceBase interface does not include ExportToBitmap / ExportToFile methods
  • SC3D-359 Combined D3D9 and D3D10/11 C++ Dlls in SciChart3D Native to reduce DLL count and SciChart.Charting3D.Dll size by half.
    – Implemented mechanism to choose D3D9 or D3D11/10 in Viewport3D.cs.
    – Deleted all projects associated with D3D9
    – changed for native code to match twister changes
    – a flag can be used to start in d3d9 mode
  • Added missing XML comments for PieChart components;
  • Add ability to disable click Selection of segments
  • Rename property “AllowSelection” to “AllowClickSelection”
  • SC3D-361 Refactor SCRTImmediateDraw.SetBlendState() / SetRasterizerState() / SetDepthStencilState to use push pop stack
  • SC-3827 Modify SourceCollectionBase to link to INotifyCollectionChanged not ObservableCollection<IRenderableSeriesViewModel>
Aesthetic Issues Resolved
  • SC-3917 Fill gradients for candlesticks – refactored XamlPolygonDrawingContext a little (
  • SC-3917 Fixed candlesticks gradients for Hs, Hq brushes (
  • SC-3916 Fixed gradient for vertical charts with DirectX renderer
  • SC-3917 Improved candlestick series drawing with gradient brushes
  • SC-3916 Considered custom transformations on brush for gradient fill
  • SC-3957 Investigated and fixed when pie/donut charts not resizing well issue. Fixed pie/donut issue when one segment is 100% the pie disappears
  • SC-3917 FIxed gradient fill with XamlPolygonDrawingContext (
  • SC-3944 Fixed the issue with opacity not working for some series types; added tests (
  • SC-3914 Fixed series Opacity issue with XamlRenderContext. (
  • SC-3916 Working on gradient rotation for filled series – added rotation to XamlPolygonDrawingContext (
  • Fixed usage of aliasing in XamlLineDrawingContext
  • SC-3912 Demo App shows an old logo
  • Documentation: Updated Installing SciChart page to include Uninstalling
  • SC3D-362 3D CrossHairsMode.Plane is hard to see because of blending
  • SC-3836 Add box outline to 3D CubeGeometry example


Where to get it?!

You can get all the SciChart Releases from the page. If you haven’t created an account with yet, please do. You will need to in order to access the downloads.

If you are a customer of SciChart you can also access our binaries via our NuGet feed as well as Github (for source-code customers).

What Else is on our Roadmap?

Recently we have taken a moment to evaluate where we have been, and are planning to go as a business. There is SciChart Annual report 2016 which shows how we are doing as a business.

We have also shared SciChart Vision and Roadmap – for 2017 and beyond.

Please take a moment to read the above and we would very much value your feedback on our current and future roadmap for SciChart!

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]

By Julia Skorobogata | Feb 17, 2017
I contribute to the growth and development of SciChart, assisting my team with sales, marketing, and project management.

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