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SciChart for Android is a Realtime, High Performance Android Charting Library made with Financial, Medical & Scientific Apps in mind. Perfect for Projects that Need Extreme Performance and Slick Interactive Charts.

Get the Job Done with our 20+ Android Chart Types and Extensive API.


// Why Should You Choose SciChart’s Android Charts?

Excellent Value For Money With a Huge Array of Android Charting Features

Starting from just $349 USD for a Perpetual Developer Licence, you get access to all of these powerful Android charting features and more. SciChart Android represents incredible value for money when compared to other software packages or building your own solution for Android Charting.

Android Charts with powerful features, many chart types and extreme realtime streaming performance

Seamless Integration & Quick to Get Started

Considered including the open source Android charts in your project? With limited guides and tutorials it tends to just end up costing more in time. With our Android Charts you get access to our top notch support, extensive features and library of Java / Kotlin Android Chart examples as well as tutorials. Whether you need help building a specific Android chart or tweaking an existing one, we’re here to help and we’ve got the tutorials to get your staff up to speed. With seamless integration and plentiful documentation, you’ll have your project up and running in no time.

SciChart – Amazing Android Charts for Streaming Realtime Updates and Big Data

In Benchmarks, our Android Chart Library performs up to 255x times faster than competing open source and commercial Android Chart components and can draw millions of points on tablets or phones. This makes it perfect for streaming realtime apps, or displaying Big Data sets. Check out our performance demos below to see what we can do!

Draw millions of points in real-time with SciChart Android Show me!

Create Oscilloscopes or Real-time instruments.Show me!

Draw hundreds of series, for true big-data apps Show me!

Designed For Scientific, Medical, Engineering & Financial Apps

Designed by Scientific Software Engineers, SciChart is truly featured to serve Scientific, Medical & Trading apps. Check out our demos below to see the sort of apps you can make with SciChart.

Create Realtime Android ECG/EKG charts with SciChart! Show me!

Create Realtime Oscilloscopes and instruments with SciChart Android.Show me!

Create Multi pane Android Stock Chart apps using Scichart Android Show me!

Create realtime updating Android Stock Charts using our Android Candlestick and OHLC chart typesShow me!

Create Android Heatmaps, Spectrograms and more using Scichart Android Show me!

Add Error Bars for statistical analysis to iOS Charts with SciChart Show me!

Use Linear or Logarithmic Axis with Superscript with SciChart AndroidShow me!

Our Flexible & Powerful API Is Ready For All Your Requirements.

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Our features, support & extensible Android Charting API will allow you to create exactly what you need. At SciChart, we’ve made every effort to go into great detail to create the perfect Android Chart library which allows all of our customers to create extremely varied and niche charting apps. Read more about features to see just what we can do.

Built For Developers

Continous Delivery

SciChart keeps growing and improving with new features and updates. Report a bug and we often fix it that day and push to Maven / Github. SciChart Android customers benefit from code changes within minutes and can apply them straight to their build. Now how many can say that! We believe that contributes a lot to our customers day to day business and assures everything is running smoothly.

Tech Support

SciChart is made by developers, for developers! When you contact our world class tech support you get our development team and their combined knowledge and experience who are focused on getting you back to work.

Active Development

Across platforms we have ~200,000 lines of code, an active issue tracker and are continually updating our software according to our user requests.

Read More About Our Developers

// Reduce your Development Costs with our World Class Support

Our customers continually rate us the best at providing world-class tech support for our Cross-Platform Charts:

“Over the years I have submitted various support tickets to Telerik, Jetbrains, Microsoft, and SciChart, and I can confidently say from my experience that SciChart has the best level of support from any of these companies.”

“I’m impressed with the support of SciChart team, it was fast, reliable and the suggestions easy to implement … While I usually have a bitter taste about other providers, SciChart definitely has my best recommendations to my co-workers and friends.”

// Trusted by Thousands of Developers Worldwide

SciChart is trusted by thousands of developers worldwide and has customers in over 40 countries from sectors including Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Medical, Instrumentation, Defence, Aerospace, Motorsport, Process Automation, Mining, Investment Banking, Trading and more.

All this starting from $349 / Developer License

SciChart’s Android Charts are licensed on a perpetual, per-developer licensing model, with royalty free redistribution. You get access to the world’s fastest Android Charts, starting from just $349 per developer license (without tech support), or $599 USD with 1-years tech support an updates.