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XyDataSeries string datatypes


We have created graph for x axis string and y axis double. we have create object like this XyDataSeries<string,double> if run app getting exception error .

How to declare and how to use it .

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Hi there,

Apologies, I missed this question!

To add string labels to the XAxis in SciChart iOS, use the LabelProvider feature.

The steps are:

  1. Use an XyDataSeries with type int,double for your data. X-values should be indexes (0,1,2,3,…)
  2. Set the XAxis.AutoTicks property to false, and set XAxis.MajorDelta to 1 / MinorDelta to 0.2. This will ensure you get one label for each 1 value
  3. Apply a LabelProvider to your XAxis. You need to use this to format the x-values (0,1,2,3) as strings.

Examples of how to use the LabelProvider in SciChart iOS can be found in the following examples:

Best regards,

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