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Hiding parts of a FastLineRenderableSeries



Is there a way to hide certain parts of a FastLineRenderableSeries?
Imagine a vertical line intersecting the plot. Everything left of the line is rendered and everything right is not visible.

I came up with the following ideas:
– Implement a PaletteProvider which returns a transparent color for parts of the series to hide. This did not work: The plot was rendered in white color instead of transparent.
– Modify the underlying XyDataSeries and remove points which should be hidden.

Are there any other options?

Thanks for any assistance.

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Good Answer

I updated from SciChart to which fixed the problem that series were drawn in white when the PaletteProvider returned Colors.Transparent.

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you can set y vales to Double.NaN to the region you want to hide.
I am new to scichart, please correct me if im wrong.. 🙂

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