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SciChart Android v1.0 Released!

SciChart Android v1.0 Released!

Earlier this year, at the end of March, we published the video Intro to SciChart for Android: High Performance Android Charts!, announcing that we’d started working on a brand new product – SciChart for Android. It presented some major features like different chart types, legends, chart interactions and styling and theming. Also we promised that our Android Charts will become the world’s fastest charting library for this mobile platform.

Since that time, a lot of our customers have been anticipating the release of the product. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, we announced the forthcoming release of SciChart for Android in the press-release for SciChart WPF v4.0.6.

Today, we are proud to present to you the result of over a year of fruitful research and development, SciChart Android v.1.0! We hope that it will be a great addition to the SciChart product family, alongside with SciChart for iOS v.1.0, keeping an already proven reputation of SciChart as a feature-rich, fast and reliable chart control the world’s best charting library!

// Feature Updates

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// Extremely fast

Exceptional performance of large dataset rendering, SciChart Android can render over a million points in line or scatter charts at interactive framerates! Benefit from the ultimate efficiency of native-code and GPU-acceleration with SciChart for Android Charts!

// Many popular chart types

Including Lines, Bands Series, Columns, Scatter Series, Mountain Series, Impulse (Stem) Series, Fan Charts, Error Bars, Candlestick, OHLC and Heatmaps.

// Fully Customizable

Change the appearance of the entire chart using one of the 9 colorful themes provided by SciChart! Try creating new series types with CustomSeries API, new user interactions with Chart Modifiers API, new chart annotations with Annotations API! Change the existing chart behaviors via various Behavior Providers!

// Multiple Axes support

With different Value and Category Axis types, Axes can be aligned to the right, bottom, top, left sides, shifted to the center of a chart, rotated to create a vertical chart. It is also possible to stack X and Y Axis to create EEG style charts with SciChart Android.

// Chart Legends

Extensible, fully-customizable chart legends!

// Rich User Interaction

We provide a powerful Chart Modifiers API that allows customizing the existing interactions as well as adding new ones easily! Zooming, Panning, Axes Scrolling, Rollovers, Cursors, Series Tooltips, Series Selection, Hit-testing, etc. are available out of the box.

// Chart Annotations

Rich Chart Annotations API allows creating fully-interactive, customizable chart annotations! Create Watermarks, Technical Indicators, Point Markers using this feature! Many of popular annotation types provided out of the box: Lines, Arrows, Boxes, Text Annotations, Axis Markers, Data Point Markers, etc.

// Dynamic Bar or Point Coloring,

Allowing to dynamically color a bar or candle depending on data-point value! SciChart Android allows you to override the Color
of an OHLC bar, Candle or Column of a specific data-point.

// Comprehensive Examples Suite

SciChart Android ships with ~30 Chart Examples which you can browse, play with, view the source-code and even export each to a stand-alone Android Studio project! All of this is possible with the SciChart Android Examples Suite.

// Interested? Don’t miss out!

You can obtain a trial version of SciChart for Android from our Downloads page. It is provided as a .zip archive, which contains SciChart Android v.1.0 libs, the SciChart Example Suite and a Getting Started Guide.

// What if I have some questions?

That’s OK – we are always available to help you! Furthermore, we believe you will not find better-supported chart controls than with SciChart! Please find the online resources below that may come in handy:

But if that’s not enough, you can Contact us anytime and one of our staff will get back to you. We aim to answer all requests within 1-business day.

// Pricing and Licensing

SciChart is licensed per developer, with royalty free redistribution rights for your apps. You can see the pricing of our licenses in our Web Store.

So don’t delay! Download the trial now at our Downloads page and try out our amazing new Android Charts.

Feedback and Suggestions
You can contact us anytime to give feedback. We are keen to hear what you think of this new product lineup. Any suggestions or feature requests would also be welcome and can go on our task board.

By Yuriy Zadereckiy | Jun 30, 2016

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