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SciChart Android v1.2.1 1540 Released


SciChart Android v1.2.1 1540 Released

We are pleased to announce that SciChart Android SDK v1.2.1 1540 has now been released! We had minor bug fixes done and improved our documentation a lot, please see below for the list of changes.

If you are using SciChart Android v1.x then this update is a drop-in replacement.

What’s New in SciChart Android v1.2.1 1540?

Documentation updates:


  • Fixed SC_DROID-319 issue with line annotations, that overlaped the whole chart when background was set;
  • Fixed SC_DROID-328 issue that prevents the incorrect annotation placement;
  • Fixed SC_DROID-327 safeRemove of annotation was added;
  • Fixed the issue with the Charting project;
  • Fixed SC_DROID-326 script to allow passing of sdkMinVersion to Gradle from command line via project parameters.


Where to get SciChart Downloads?

You can get the SciChart Android SDK v1.2.1.1540 from the Downloads page. Source code customers can also get-latest from our Github repository.

GET SCICHART Android v1.2.1.1540


What’s coming soon?

We have been quite about our roadmap but we estimate that we are a few weeks away from a major release of SciChart iOS & Android: v2.0. This will add a number of enhancements, including new chart types, new features and support for Xamarin applications. More info to be announced soon!

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By Julia Skorobogata | Jan 09, 2017
I contribute to the growth and development of SciChart, assisting my team with sales, marketing, and project management.

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