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SciChart WPF v4.0.6 Build 8482 Released


SciChart WPF v4.0.6 Build 8482 Released

We are pleased to announce a Stability Update to the SciChart WPF SDK v4.

This release addresses bug fixes which have been reported by our users over the past few weeks. It is therefore recommended for all users of SciChart WPF v4 to update due to the number of minor issues addressed in this patch.

If you are using SciChart v4.x then this update is a drop-in replacement. If you are still using SciChart v3.6.1 we invite you to take a look at SciChart v4 and our migration guide. We’ve made it easier than ever to jump to the latest major version!  

What’s New in v4.0.6.8482?


  • Fixed bugs with placement labels behavior on AxisMarkerAnnotation, horizontalverticalAnnotation
  • SC-3461 AnnotationLabel incorrect alignment when hiding/showing
  • Added fixes for MultipleXAxis example(top and bottom alignment for labels)
  • SC-3461 AnnotationLabel incorrect alignment when hiding/showing. Added fixes for 3 different cases of using label alignments(horizontalLineannotation, cursor, multiple y). Fixes for annotations alignments used with SeriesValueAxisMarkerAnnotation
  • SC-3461 AnnotationLabel incorrect alignment when hiding/showing. Fixed wrong alignment with the scichartSurface.Padding
  • Made DataSeries._lastPointSeries protected so you can subclass DataSeries and access the last resampled point series
  • Fixed SquarePointMarker not respecting StrokeThickness in some cases.
  • Fixes sizes of Pointmarkers does not match requested size, leading to poorer performance in some cases and visual anomalies in others.
  • SC-3222: fixed issue when text annotation changes its size after zoom in or zoom out
  • fixed Annotations Serialization missing some properties
  • Added possibility to change style and template of tooltips on different VerticalLineAnnotation in VerticalSliceModifier
  • SC-3447 Fixed Serialization issues when exporting SciChartSurface to memory. Added fixes for some Annotation properties (LabelPlacement, LabelValue, LabelTextFormatted). Added fixes for some LegendModifier properties (LegendPlacement, Orientation, ShowLegend, GetLegendDataFor)
  • Fixes issue where Axis does not serialize Visibility, SciChartSurface does not serialize Padding. used by ExportToFile with non-standard size and high quality export.
  • SC-3438 Investigate binding errors in the Default theme. Added fallbackvalue for DefaultPointMarker dataContext
  • Fixes alpha blending of semi-transparent lines in PointLineRenderableSeries3D
  • Fixes a bug where ExportToFile() fails with UseHighQualityOutput when the chart was an in-memory chart.
  • SC-3461 AnnotationLabel incorrect alignment when hiding/showing
  • SC-3460: fixed bug when rollover modifier’s data context isn’t updated after series selection
  • SC-3438 Investigate bindings in the Default theme
  • Fix for ArgumentOutOfRange exception in ExportToFile option
  • SC-3448 fixed scrollbar crash
  • Fixed ExportToFile issue when legend or annotations shows on output file but shouldn’t
  • Throw if set RenderSurface when SciChartSurface is disposed. Prevents memory leak
  • Fixed the issue with LabelTextFormatting when it is set in Style/Template
  • DirectX: when line thickness is 1, and no antialising, use DXLines primitive for best performance
  • fix memory leak in SciChart 3D Meshes when resizing the chart
  • On clear of VerticalSliceModifier.VerticalLines, also remove tooltips.
  • SC-3422 Investigate strange lines appearing with LogarithmicAxis. Fixes issue where negative number in the data causes incorrect rendering or a crash when Logarithmic Axis is used
  • Fixed HitTest in StackedMountainRenderableSeries when TooltipModifier tooltips get a wrong SeriesInfo
  • Fixed RolloverModifier marker when it hovers in wrong place on FastLineRenderableSeries (It occurs when IsInterpolated == True, DrawNaNAs == ClosedLines on a LineSeries and there are NaN data points inside it)
  • Fixes PointMetadata column not cleared when calling DataSeries.Clear()
  • Fixes PointMetadata column does not work in FIFO mode
  • Fixed bug when anchor point annotations are not located properly after size changing
  • SC-3405 Fixed TooltipModifier Tooltips when they do not appear for series according to their Z-order
  • Fix for Direct3D10RenderSurface.DrawEllipse not drawing ellipses in some cases
  • Fixes the heatmap blending issue. Blending alpha channel of incoming pixel + destination taking account for heatmap overall opacity + tests.
  • Fixes issue where double.NaN was not drawn as transparent in Heatmaps in the HighSpeed and HighQuality software renderers only
  • Fixes NullReferenceException if GetLegendDataFor.AllVisibleSeries is specified in an MVVM application
  • Fixes compilation issue in WPF Performance demo
  • SC-3341 Fixed issue when tooltip become clipped in PolarCharts
  • SC-3399 Added a capability to export to XPS to the ExportToFile method
  • SC-3222, SC-3391: fixed bug when TextAnnotation resizes on zoom

SciChart Android / iOS Coming Soon!

Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to port SciChart to iOS / Android and these are going to be released very soon. We are just finalising the packaging, distribution and documentation for SciChart iOS / Android v1 and will be announcing these shortly.

SciChart for Android is shaping up to be the worlds fastest Android Chart by an order of magnitude, capable of drawing millions of points in real-time on Android devices. Perfect for financial, medical or engineering applications, embedded systems and automotive systems.

SciChart for iOS is also capable of drawing millions of points with instant zoom/pan and offers smooth and stutter free real-time charting on iPad and iPhone devices.

Both are going to be announced shortly, but in the meantime, here is a quick preview of SciChart for iOS and Android in the two videos below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 15.42.42 Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 15.42.47

Where to get SciChart Downloads?

The usual places: Installers from the Downloads page, Packages from NuGet and source-code via Github!


Best regards,
[SciChart Team]


By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Jun 13, 2016
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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