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SciChart WPF v4.2.4 Build 10393 Released!


SciChart WPF v4.2.4 Build 10393 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of SciChart v4.2.4 Build 10393. This is a minor update which contains many critical bug fixes and minor improvements. It is strongly advised for users of SciChart v4.x to upgrade to this version, which is a drop-in replacement.

What’s New in SciChart WPF v4.2.4.10393?

Lots and lots of bugs fixed! It is recommended for all users of SciChart WPF v4.x to update to the latest version, which should be a drop in replacement.

Critical Bugs (Crash, Memory Leak, .NET 4.0 sustainability issues) Fixed 
  • Memory optimization for the HqRenderContext – merged customer pull request
  • Memory optimization for DataSeries/ resampling – merged customer pull request
  • SC-4130: Fixed memory leaks when calling Clear on ItemsCollection – tested for unsubscribing from inner events in a RenderableSeriesSoruceCollection when SciChartGroup remove SciChartSurface
  • SC-4130: Fixed memory leaks if calling Clear on ItemsCollection, caused by RenderableSeriesSourceCollection which was subscribing for ViewModels collection changed event
  • SC-4141: Fixed memory leaks at DataPointSelectionModifier crashes if call UpdateState before the SelectedPMs property
  • SC-4141: Fixed memory leak with a Modifiers dictionary in MouseManager: DataPointSelectionModifier crashes if call UpdateState before the SelectedPMs property
  • SC-4141: Fixed DataPointSelectionModifier crash when calling UpdateState before the SelectedPMs property
  • SC-4141: Fixed DataPointSelectionModifier crash when calling UpdateState before the SelectedPMs property
  • Fixed example crash for uneven data in XY
  • SC-4184: Fixed: bug “Using PointMarkers” crashes sometimes on real machine and on machine with .net 4.0
  • Fixed other .Net 4.0 support issues with themes and styles
  • SC-4137: Fixed Series With Metadata example crashes immediately
  • SC-4137: Fixed “HitTest API” example crash
  • SC-4179: Fixed bug for Export fails if set PointMarkerTemplate
  • SC-4174: Fixed incorrect spline computations in the examples
  • SC-4172: Fixed the issue when a CompositeAnnotation would throw NullReference in MVVM
Minor Improvements
  • SC-4122: Fixed bug when DataDistributionCalculator is reset from UserDefinedDistributionCalculator when data series is cleared
  • SC-4108: Fixed bug with Rendering artifacts when using digital line with DirectX by adding sample for drawing artifacts in Digital line using DirectX
  • SC-4078: Fixed an issue when an annotation would appear if IsHidden set
  • SC-4119: fixed issue when HorizontalLineAnnotation doesn’t get base points if HorizontalAlignment=Stretch
  • Improvements: skip file overriding in case destination file is the same. files comparison is based on the cached MD5 checksum.
  • SC-4154: Added ability ZoomHistoryManager working with SciScrollBar
  • SC-4114: Fixed and improved the issue when dashed lines in legend don’t correctly represent their corresponding series
  • Added SciChartInetractionToolbar to CreateACustomChart example instead of using buttons
  • SC-4155: Prevented pushing changes to zoom history if AutoRange==Always
  • SC-4122: Removed redundant recreating of distribution calculator on Clear()
  • SC-4040: Prevented adding lists of values into data series with different count of values or null lists;
  • SC-4108 Prevented the generation of the extra fill-up triangle when the Lines with adjacency are vertical or horizontal lines, to fix Rendering artifacts when using digital line with DirectX
  • Added ability to display cursor label axis for multi panes if Y axis is collapsed, suggested by a customer

Where to Get It?

SciChart WPF v4.2.4.10393 is available from the usual channels.

  • By downloading from our page
  • By Install-Package or Update-Package from NuGet
  • By cloning or downloading the source code on Github (source code customers only)

Please ensure you uninstall the previous version(s) of SciChart before installing v4.2.4 as this can prevent some issues in the upgrade process!


Any other news?

SciChart iOS/Android/Xamarin  v2 is released! This is a major release that includes API breaking changes and tons of improvements goes with that. Please read about changes, improvements, and features in the release note. We have also adjusted the pricing for new customers. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

SciChart WPF Development in progress

We are also still working on SciChart WPF v5 major update. This will feature a number of new 2D+3D Chart types as well as improvements to speed, stability, and API for our WPF customerbase.

We have delayed releasing this since we want to get it right, and we have so many users using SciChart WPF v4 with great success, that there is no significant rush to get to market and we want to ensure when we do deliver, it will be super-awesome.

If you want to preview SciChart WPF v5 you can do so, again via a public Github repository, which also pulls assemblies from NuGet.



Best regards,
[SciChart Team]


By Julia Skorobogata | Jul 27, 2017
I contribute to the growth and development of SciChart, assisting my team with sales, marketing, and project management.

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