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We are pleased to announce that SciChart iOS SDK v1.1.0 has now been released! Please see below for the list of improvements / features added and bugs fixed.

If you are using SciChart iOS v1.x then this update is a drop-in replacement.

What’s New in SciChart iOS v1.1.0?

New Features

  • Added SCIAxisBase.setAxisTitle(NSString) to set string axis titles (Multiple Axis Example)
  • Added SCIAxisCore.setTitleCustomView(UIView) to set custom axis view (Multiple Axis Example)
  • Added SCIAxisCore.registerVisibleRangeChangedCallback to allow registering / subscribing to VisibleRange changed (Multiple Surface Example)
  • Added CategoryDateTimeAxis type, for financial charts (allows closing of weekend / overnight gaps on the XAxis)
  • Added SCIAxisRangeSynchronization type for synchronising ranges of two charts (Multiple Surface Example)
  • Added SCIAxisAreaSynchronization type for synchronising YAxis sizes when two charts placed one above another (Multiple Surface Example)
  • Added AxisMarkerAnnotation type (Multi Pane iOS Stock Charts Example)
  • Added new Multi Pane iOS Stock Charts demo  (Multi Pane iOS Stock Charts Example)
  • Added new Realtime Ticking iOS Stock Charts demo (Realtime Ticking iOS Stock Charts Example)
  • SciChart iOS Getting Started Guide is now online. Appledoc for class hierarchy coming soon.


  • Fixed Scatter Series crash when NaN’s in data series.
  • Fixed Scatter Series does not draw when a single data-point in data series.
  • SCIRolloverModifier now has option UseInterpolation, which now allows interpolation between data-points to be switched OFF or on.
  • Licensing warning messages in a clearer position.

Where to get SciChart Downloads?

You can get the SciChart iOS SDK v1.1 from the Downloads page. Source code customers can also get-latest from our Github repository.


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