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SciChart WPF v6.0.0 Released!

SciChart WPF v6.0.0 Released!

It’s with great pleasure that we announce to you today that SciChart WPF SDK v6 has now been released! Thank you for all your feedback during the BETA period, in which we have several issues, and SciChart WPF SDK v6 is ready for production use.

You can get the release right away for free if you are in support subscription by visiting our downloads page.

What’s New?

A full list of what’s new can be found in the article What’s New in SciChart SDK v6. Please take a moment to read it and find out about our incredible new rendering engine which provides up to 100x faster WPF Charts, .NET Core 3 support and more.

By far our biggest feature announcement is the introduction of a brand new rendering pipeline, with up to 100x faster WPF Charts, and 1-Billion Point+ rendering now possible with fully GPU-accelerated charts.

SciChart SDK v6 brings you the world’s fastest WPF chart components, up to 100x (10,000%) faster than our previous version, and surpassing all known competitors! (read more)

Speed improvements are across chart-types, with some chart types optimised by up to 10,240% faster! We can confidently say from our performance tests that SciChart provides the world’s fastest WPF chart library, perfect for big-data scientific, medical & financial applications.

View SciChart WPF v6’s Performance Improvements vs. version 5 of our charts. Speed increases are across chart types with our new C++ based 2D/3D graphics engine.
View SciChart WPF v6’s Performances vs. a well known competitor. In performance tests, SciChart was not only faster, but used less CPU and Memory resources in a like-for-like WPF Chart Performance Comparison.

Installer Download

The installer is now available at You will need to create an account at in order to access this page. This installer contains:

  • The SciChart WPF Examples App (both .NET Core 3 and .NET Framework versions)
  • The SciChart DLLs (both .NET Core 3 and .NET Framework versions)
  • The new Cross Platform Licensing Wizard, required to activate and license SciChart WPF v6.

Please note that older versions will be overwritten during the installation process. Uninstall previous versions if you get problems during installation.

The WPF v6 Packages have been published to and to our private nightly build feed at Note that SciChart.DirectX package has been deprecated, we now advise using the Visual Xccelerator engine in package SciChart.

Examples Source code

We are no longer shipping the examples source code with the installer. Instread, this is now hosted on Download or clone the repository to get the latest version of the Examples Suite. Don’t forget to setup your NuGet feeds for nightly builds!

We kept the feature to export the individual examples to a project. Please see the short clip below to show how to do this.

Getting Started

We have a brand new updated Getting-Started page for SciChart WPF SDK 6 here.

Purchases and Sales

The new SciChart Store has now been launched, and can be viewed at You can buy online with credit card or pay by wire transfer and our automated system will issue licenses immediately.

For enterprise sales and purchase orders, please contact us and we will be glad to help!

Renewals and Upgrades

Existing customers with expired support will be able to upgrade for the next 30-days with a renewal discount (discount amount dependent on your support-expiry date), after that the renewal offer will expire. Please contact sales asap to get a custom quote.


Thanks to everyone who voted on the feature request for faster performance charts! We never would have done it had we not seen the overwhelming response to accelerate our charts to new levels. And thanks to our incredibly talented tech team who have taken an already fast WPF chart and pushed it to the absolute limit of what is possible on modern computing hardware!

Best regards,
[SciChart Team Lead]

By Andrew Burnett-Thompson | Jan 06, 2020
CEO / Founder of SciChart. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.Follow me on LinkedIn for more SciChart content, or twitter at @drandrewbt.

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