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Visualising Sleep and Activity Data Against Time

Visualising Sleep and Activity Data Against Time

Read on to see how The University of Manchester Research IT’s Mobile Development Service (MDS) implemented SciChart to understand users’ sleep and activity pattern in real-time.

Platform: iOS and Android

Industry: Research, Education

RAPapp is an application that allows users to send their sleep and activity data measured by their smart watches or fitness tracker to university researchers.

Challenge: To understand how the lockdown in 2020 had affected the general public and the EEA countries, the Mobile Development Service (MDS) team had challenges finding a high-performance charting tool that displays heatmaps in the exact style and speed their researchers asked for.

Solution: The MDS team used SciChart to successfully visualise about 2-years’ worth of steps sorted into 15-minute bins – around 70,000 data points. In addition to this, the integration of SciChart enabled users to view their sleep and activity heatmap in real-time – giving users insight into their daily activity during the lockdown.

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By SciChart | Oct 12, 2022

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