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Another question – is it possible to set the style of the most recent point in a chart? Like putting a “ball” or something visually larger onto the most recent item of the chart?

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Hey there,

You could achieve this in a few ways, check out our demo Annotations are Easy. One of the annotation types is an Axis Marker annotation (displays an arrow with Y-value in the YAxis).

You could create a custom ChartModifier which positioned the AxisMarkerAnnotation on redraw. Some code below:

// NOTE: I have not tested this, but it demonstrates the concept
    // 1. Inherit ChartModifierBase
    // 2. Override OnParentSurfaceRendered
    // 3. Iterate over RenderableSeries
    // 4. Get DataSeries.YValues.Last()
    // 5. Add AxisMarkerAnnotation with this Y-Value
    public class SeriesValueModifier : ChartModifierBase
        private IList<IAnnotation> myAxisMarkers = new List<IAnnotation>();

        public override void OnParentSurfaceRendered(SciChartRenderedMessage e)


            if (ParentSurface.RenderableSeries == null || ParentSurface.RenderableSeries.Count == 0)

            foreach (var renderableSeries in ParentSurface.RenderableSeries)
                if (renderableSeries == null || renderableSeries.DataSeries == null)

                // Get the latest value of the DataSeries
                // This assumes Y-Values are doubles
                var latestYValue = (double)renderableSeries.DataSeries.YValues[renderableSeries.DataSeries.Count - 1];

                var axisMarker = new AxisMarkerAnnotation() {Y1 = latestYValue, Background = new SolidColorBrush(renderableSeries.SeriesColor)};

        // NOTE: In reality rather than clearing/re-adding all axis markers, it will be far more
        // efficient, and probably less flickery, to re-use AxisMarkerAnnotations and reposition them, 
        // only adding/removing when the RenderableSeries count changes. 
        private void ClearAxisMarkers()
            foreach (var axisMarker in myAxisMarkers)

Note: To change this to display an ellipse at the actual series X,Y value would be quite easy. Instead of AxisMarkerAnnotation create a custom annotation which has an ellipse shape, get the last X and Y value of the series, and set EllipseAnnotation.X1 = x, EllipseAnnotation.Y1 = y.

I hope this helps!


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