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What are the maximum factors of GrowBy Method of NumericAxis?
100% ….GrowBy(1.0,1.0)???

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Hi Daniel,

The GrowBy method accepts any number. It’s simply treated like a percentage, for instance, a GrowBy of (0.0, 5.0) means apply 0% padding below and 500% padding above the maximum of the VisibleRange.

Hope this helps,

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What is wrong or where shall i search for the issue if:

Minimum x-Values are: 1: 0…100; 2:0…100 and 3:0:50

Scrollbar is bounded to xAxis.

For example:
If I change the VisibleRange of xAxis to 0…200
SciChart.XAxis.GrowBy = new DoubleRange((double)newRange..Diff / (double)SciChart.XAxis.DataRange.Diff / 2.0, (double)newRange..Diff/ (double)SciChart.XAxis.DataRange.Diff / 2.0);

-> Everything looks fine.

But next step I click on the scrollbar the VisibleRange is set back to random number:

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