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hi, i have some issues with SciChartScrollbar control. i’m trying to use it like in the Custom Overview demo, but with possibility to contol zoom programmatically (by keyboard). So i bound SciChartScrollbar control’s property

Axis ="{Binding ElementName =XAxis}"

where XAxis is the axis from the top chart

     < s: SciChartSurface.XAxis >
        < s: NumericAxis x: Name ="XAxis"
                       DrawMinorGridLines ="True"
                       DrawMinorTicks ="True">
        </ s: NumericAxis >
    </ s: SciChartSurface.XAxis >

and then i change VisibleRange of top chart from code behind (previously i tried this without Scrollbar.SelectedRange)

        MainChartSurface.XAxis.VisibleRange.Min = Scrollbar.SelectedRange.Min = ((SpectraAnalysisTools )VM.AnalysisTools).ZoomMin;
        MainChartSurface.XAxis.VisibleRange.Max = Scrollbar.SelectedRange.Max = ((SpectraAnalysisTools )VM.AnalysisTools).ZoomMax;

eventually the top chart’s zoom works perfect but the bottom scrollbar moves only first time when value changed and never more again.
So my question is – what should i do to make the scrollbar control (like in Custom Overview demo) working with controlling from codebehind?

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Great Answer

i found that calling
helps to solve the problem.

  • Andrew
    Glad you found a solution. Another I was going to suggest is try XAxis.VisibleRange = new DoubleRange(min, max) (for NumericAxis), or XAxis.VisibleRange = new DateTimeRange(min, max) for DateTimeAxis. This will also trigger a redraw automatically. Best regards, Andrew
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